Why You Should Be Using Our Free Room Planner Tool

Sep 9, 2019

Design Tip Furniture Arrangements

Wondering if your new sofa will fit into your living room? Want to try out a new furniture arrangement without the heavy lifting? With the Star Furniture & Mattress free room planner tool, room planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s why you should be using our free room planner tool.

Simplified Furniture Research

Keeping all the relevant measurements in your head can be a hassle when furniture shopping, especially when you want your focus to be on style. Our room planner tool is great because you can adjust the specific shape and size of the room. In fact, you can even add items from the Star Furniture inventory to see how a specific piece will fit in your space.

Furniture Arrangement Help

The best room arrangement tools don’t just answer the question, “will my furniture fit?” but they also help you come up with the perfect furniture layout for your specific room. Whether you’re wondering how to decorate your living room or your bedroom, the free room planner tool lets you try out different furniture arrangements without all the heavy lifting, so you can find the layout that works best for your space. Plus, you can even add in doors, windows, plants, and curtains so even the smallest details can be part of the conversation.

Shopping Simplicity

After you’re done trying out different pieces of furniture from the Star Furniture inventory, you can quickly and easily download a shopping list to take to the store. Furniture stores can be big and intimidating, so if you want to skip the browsing, you can take your list to an associate who can help direct you to your favorite items. Depending on availability, you can even order the items you want online without ever setting foot in the store.

Not sure how to get started? Check out our interior design blog, where we cover furniture layout topics like how to decorate a long and narrow living room and how to furnish a small living room. With the help of our room planning tool, you can start designing the home of your dreams today!