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White Lotus Style Guide: How to Bring the Maximalist Decorating Style Home

Apr 26, 2023

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colorful, maximalist space with layered rugs and pillows

The hit show White Lotus delivers shocking plot twists, fascinating characters, and gorgeous maximalist interiors. If you can’t get enough of the maximalist look, you don’t need to head to a luxury hotel in Hawaii or Sicily to get it. There are plenty of ways to incorporate the style into your home for a lush, dramatic look.

What is Maximalist Design?

Maximalist decor is the opposite of minimalism – it means embracing a “more is more” design philosophy. Maximalist spaces are fun, vibrant, and bold with a bold mix of pattern and accessorization. 

Key Features of a Maximalist Space

While maximalist style embraces abundance, you don’t want to wind up with too much of a good thing! The design pros at Star Furniture are here to help you craft a plan. It starts with these tips:

1. Add statement furniture pieces

Your maximalist space will look more cohesive if there’s a statement piece to draw the eye and act as a focal point. Dramatic furniture pieces, like a velvet jewel-toned sofa or boldly patterned chairs, are great in this role. Contrast is your friend here – pair a patterned or textured ottoman with a solid sofa, and don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns.

2. Maximize texture with posh fabrics

Whether in rugs, upholstered furniture, or throw pillows, rich, textured fabrics are a maximalist mainstay. Updating your textiles is a great way to add some maximalist flair to a space without fully redecorating. Adding a boldly patterned area rug or swapping your matching throw pillows for more colorful alternatives are easy ways to turn up the maximalist vibe. For extra fun, layer a couple of area rugs to add even more interest and texture.

3. Mix in complementing fine woods

While most of the focus is on colors and patterns, fine wood furniture is a must-have in maximalist design. Wood furniture brings texture, richness and depth into your space, complimenting your upholstered pieces. Cherry and walnut woods and finishes will elevate your space. Fans of maximalist design also embrace veneered furniture. It’s a lost art! Done right, expertly matched veneer furniture is coveted and collectible.

4. Accessorize with metallics and mirrors

Add sparkle and opulence to your space with metals and mirrors as furniture, accents, or both. Large mirrors are a glamorous touch that can help emphasize other dramatic details. Glossy or mirrored furniture pieces add shine and style. Metal lamps, frames, and furniture let you vary the textures in your space while looking great with any color scheme. If you’re using lots of metal pieces, you’ll probably want to focus on one or two types to keep the design looking cohesive.

5. Bring in eclectic art

A fully covered gallery wall is right at home in a maximalist room. Combine your favorite photos and works of art, even if they’re in dramatically different styles and sizes. To avoid an overly mismatched or chaotic look, choose similar frames and space the pieces evenly. Or, if you have a defined taste in art and want to display a cohesive set of drawings or paintings, vary the frame styles instead. Display any other decor pieces you like as well, such as clocks, sculptures, vases, or all of the above.

6. Splash the walls (and ceiling!) with vibrant shades

Don’t be afraid to go with a bold paint color or patterned wallpaper to bring together your maximalist space. If you’re bold enough, you’ll even add a splash of color to the ceiling! Depending on the rest of your color palette, you can either go with a complementary neutral or a bright statement shade.

Let the drama begin. With these tips, you’re ready to start your maximalist decorating adventure, White Lotus style. Furniture, fabric, color palette, material selection and accessories all play a role. You’ll want to develop a common “plot line,” uniting all these elements to achieve the look. Remember, Star Furniture is here to help!

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