Which Mattress Brand is Best: Aireloom Mattress Spotlight

Jan 13, 2021


Aireloom Mattress in Bedroom with View

Looking for a luxury mattress that will give you a better night’s sleep? Aireloom mattresses are handmade from natural materials and built to last. In today’s blog, the experts at Star Furniture take an in-depth look at what you need to know about Aireloom mattresses.

Which Mattress Brand is Best?

As mattress sellers, we’re often asked: which mattress brand is best? While the answer will always be subjective, we do stand by the high-quality craftmanship of Aireloom mattresses. Not only is each individual mattress handmade by expert craftspeople, but Aireloom spends about as much time making a single mattress as other brands spend mass-producing eight to ten mattresses. And it shows!

Aireloom Mattress History

The first Aireloom mattress was created in 1940 by King Karpen, who was already a big name in the bedding industry. Until the early 2000s, Aireloom mattresses were sold almost exclusively on the west coast, catering to Hollywood stars and other wealthy individuals. In fact, Ronald and Nancy Reagan famously outfitted the entire White House with Aireloom mattresses. Now, Aireloom mattresses are sold in select stores worldwide, including Star Furniture.

Aireloom Mattress Materials

While other brands boast man-made technological advances, Aireloom focuses on the natural materials other brands ignore because of the production cost. When you buy an Aireloom, you’re purchasing a mattress made out of materials you can pronounce, including cotton, wool, silk, and latex.

Aireloom Mattress Construction

All Aireloom mattresses are handmade in the USA with an attention to detail you just won’t find in any other mattress brand. These luxury mattresses are hand-tufted and designed to be comfortable, supportive, and durable. In fact, because of the craftmanship and materials, you can expect your Aireloom mattress to outlast any other innerspring mattress on the market today.

Aireloom Mattress Patented Design

The Aireloom patented design includes a state-of-the-art pocketed coil unit, unique edge support, and natural comfort layers that breathe better and last longer than other innerspring mattresses. The hand-tufted mattress top also provides more lift and prevents body impressions and sagging for much longer than its competitors.

Who Sells Aireloom Mattresses?

Aireloom mattresses are only sold in select retailers, including places like Bloomingdale’s, Harrods, and Star Furniture & Mattress stores throughout Texas. Find the right innerspring or hybrid mattress in soft, medium, or firm.

Want to try out an Aireloom luxury mattress? Visit a Star Furniture & Mattress store today to experience how we revolutionized the mattress buying experience. We’re confident you’ll immediately feel the difference in an Aireloom mattress! In the meantime, check out our interior design and furniture blog, where we cover everything from luxurious bedding ideas to our complete mattress buying guide.