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What You Need to Know About Nectar Mattresses

May 3, 2021


Looking for the best online mattress to help you get a better night’s sleep? A Nectar memory foam mattress may be right for you! In today’s blog, the experts at Star Furniture cover everything you need to know about Nectar mattresses.

Nectar Mattress Brand

Nectar was founded with the intention of creating the most comfortable mattress on the market. In fact, their confidence in their product inspired them to become the first company to give a 365-day trial and a forever warranty on their mattresses. As one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies, Nectar has now won several awards, including Slumber Yard’s Best Memory Foam Mattress for 2021!

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Materials

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Nectar sources only the highest quality materials for their mattresses, which results in a more comfortable, more restful, and a slightly bouncier memory foam mattress. In fact, Nectar mattresses are made with the very best certified adaptive foam, with no ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCCP, mercury, or lead. They also feature a quilted cooling cover that uses heat-wicking fibers to create a more breathable, cooler sleeping experience. Nectar mattresses also feature two layers of Gel Memory Foam, which can assist in air circulation, weight distribution, and body contouring.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Construction

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Nectar mattresses feature 5 distinct layers, including the quilted heat-wicking cover, 3-inches of high-density, pressure relieving gel memory foam, 2-inches of dynamically adjusting foam, and a sturdy 7-inch layer of standard foam. Because every single mattress that leaves production goes through a thorough inspection process, you can feel confident in the quality of each and every mattress they sell.

Where to Buy a Nectar Mattress?

We may be biased, but we recommend buying your Nectar Mattress at Star Furniture. Not only will you receive free delivery on any mattress over $999, but we’ll also dispose of your old mattress, so you don’t have to. While you’re visiting, you can also shop our huge selection of bedroom furniture and accessories, including beds, bedding, area rugs, and more.

How Long Does It Take a Nectar Memory Foam Mattress to Expand?

Your Nectar memory foam mattress will take anywhere from 24-72 hours to expand, depending on factors like air pressure, humidity, and ventilation. The best way to tell if your Nectar mattress has fully expanded is by measuring its depth.

How Thick is a Nectar Memory Foam Mattress?

A fully expanded Nectar memory foam mattress should measure in at 11-inches.

How Soon Can I Sleep on My Nectar Mattress?

While waiting until its fully expanded will produce the best results, it’s safe to sleep on your Nectar memory foam mattress right away. Ready to put in your order? Browse our huge selection of mattresses online or visit a Star Furniture store in Texas to see for yourself how we revolutionized the mattress buying experience. In the meantime, check out our mattress blog, where we cover everything from how to choose a mattress for a child to what is the best mattress for the money?