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The Best Kid-Friendly Sofas for Sale at Star Furniture

Jul 12, 2021

Living Room

From spills and accidents to roughhousing and jumping, kids can be tough on furniture. If you don’t want to replace your sofa every year, sofa upholstery will need to be one of the main factors to consider before you buy. Here are the best kid-friendly sofas for sale at Star Furniture. 

Carmen Chesterfield Sofa

Just because you’re looking for kid-friendly sofa fabrics doesn’t mean you’re destined for a sofa that doesn’t fit your style needs. In fact, this lovely chesterfield sofa comes upholstered in 100% polyester, which is stain-resistant, durable, and affordable. Plus, the darker color means that even if your children do end up staining the sofa, it won’t be as noticeable as it would be on a lighter colored couch.

Cedar Leather Power Reclining Sofa

Leather sofas make a great option for anyone looking for kid-friendly sofas for their living room. Not only is leather incredibly durable against wear-and-tear, but any damage that does happen can often give the upholstery more character. Plus, leather sofas are incredibly easy-to-clean and hard-to-stain, which means you don’t have to stress out about your kids eating snacks or drinking juice on the couch. This brown leather sofa even comes with power reclining features, which means added comfort for you and your family.

Pia 2-Seat Microfiber Sofa

When it comes to the best fabric for sofa upholstery, microfiber is pretty high on the list, especially if you have kids or pets. Not only is it water-resistant and stain-resistant, but its tight weave prevents pulls and snags, making it an incredibly durable option for families with kids. Plus, it’s soft and breathable, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of your family. The best part? With this stunning tuxedo-style sofa, you don’t have to sacrifice style in the name of durability.

Rocco 4-Piece Brown Leather Chaise Sectional

Have a big family? One small sofa might not cut it. This brown leather sectional sofa features four distinct pieces, including a chaise lounge, so you can fit the whole family together for movie night. As far as kid-friendly sofas go, this option features durable, easy-to clean leather upholstery and a dark mushroom color to hide any stains that might break through. Plus, its classic design makes it a stylish and sophisticated option for any living room. Ready to browse some kid-friendly sofas? Visit a Star Furniture store near you to take advantage of our huge selection of sofas and sectionals for sale. In the meantime, check out our home inspiration blog where we cover everything from kid-friendly living room furniture ideas to how to choose a sectional.