Spring Decorating Ideas: How to Decorate Your House for Spring

Mar 9, 2021

Interior Design

Spring Bedroom Decor

At Star Furniture & Mattress, we understand the importance of keeping your home décor fresh all year long. That’s why our interior design experts put together this list of spring decorating ideas to help you out, whether you’re updating your décor for Easter festivities or you simply want to celebrate the new season. Here’s how to decorate your house for spring!

Brighten Up Your Home with Spring Rugs

One of our favorite spring decorating ideas is to brighten up your home with spring rugs. Because rugs serve both functional and decorative purposes, there are plenty of benefits to using area rugs and runners in your home, including noise reduction, increased comfort, wood floor protection, and warmth. Additionally, decorating with rugs creates a grounding effect that can anchor furniture in the room and help create an intimate, cozy space. It can even help create distinct areas when decorating an open floor plan or a room with multiple purposes. If you’re looking for easy spring decorating ideas, placing spring rugs throughout the house will do the trick without requiring too much time or effort. Plus, you can use area rugs and runners in every room of the house, whether you’re looking to decorate a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, home office, hallway, or entryway.

Spring Rug Ideas

Whether you’re decorating your home specifically for Easter or you want the inside of your home to reflect the liveliness of spring, a carefully chosen rug can do the trick! Here are some of our favorite spring rugs for sale at Star Furniture.

Spring Green Area Rug

Green Geometric Rug

As far as spring colors go, green is perhaps the most obvious. The color green calls to mind the way the world takes on a new color as the grass grows back, plants start thriving, and the foliage returns to its healthy state. Because this rug is available in a wide range of sizes including 4×6, 5×8, 8×11, 10×13 and as a runner, it can fit whatever room and whatever purpose you need in your home. Not sure which size to choose? The interior design experts at Star Furniture created this resource to help you learn how to choose the right rug size.

Floral Print Rug for Spring

Blue Floral Print Rug

Prefer to play up spring blooms in your home? This beautiful floral print rug features a stunning light blue paired with pastel greens and yellows, making it the perfect decoration for spring. The large flowers are sure to add visual interest to the room, and the pastel colors are especially great for anyone who celebrates Easter.

Showcase Spring Wall Décor

Looking for some quick and easy spring decorating ideas to make your home a little more festive? Try swapping your wall art for something that screams spring. Whether you choose a floral print, a spring landscape that emphasizes the beauty and new life that comes in spring, or a more abstract print that showcases lively spring colors, wall art is a great way to bring the season into your décor without too much effort or planning. The best part? Because it doesn’t take up much physical space, spring wall décor can easily be utilized in every room in the house, whether you’re looking for spring living room décor, spring dining room décor, spring bedroom décor, or spring décor for your entryway, home office, or hallways.

Spring Wall Art Ideas

Not sure what to choose for your walls? Here are some of our favorite spring wall art ideas for decorating your home.

Spring Nature Scene Wall Art

Cow Home Decor Art

Do you love animals? This beautiful cow portrait features a close-up perspective of a classic farm cow, complete with vibrant spring colors. From the beautiful blue sky to the emerald green grass, this picture screams spring. While it’s a great option for anyone wanting to bring a bit of nature into their home, this picture pairs especially well with other spring farmhouse décor.

Spring Flowers Wall Art

Spring Flowers Wall Art
For many, flowers are the first thing that comes to mind when picturing spring. That’s why we love this realist, floral portrait, which features a vase filled with pink and white flowers. In addition to the spring-inspired flowers, this portrait also utilizes beautiful pastel colors from the springtime color palette, making it the perfect option for anyone interested in decorating for spring.

Spring Colors Abstract Art

Spring Colors Abstract Art
Looking for some abstract art that honors spring? We love this spring colors abstract oil canvas, which features bright hues of blue, yellow, pink, and turquoise. Hanging this statement piece on your wall will bring the brightness and hopefulness of spring straight into home, and it’s a great piece of subtle Easter décor if you celebrate.

Get Down with Spring Poufs

When it comes to versatility, poufs are the ultimate spring décor. Not only can they be used as extra seating, a footrest, or a side table, but because of their small size, they can easily fit into any room in the house. To get started, try looking for poufs in bright or pastel spring colors or that have spring-inspired patterns, like floral print. Not sure where to put them? Poufs work great in living rooms, family rooms, entryways, home offices, and kids’ rooms.

Spring Pouf Ideas

Ready to take your spring accessories to the next level? Here are some of our favorite pouf ideas for spring decorating.

Miranda Kerr Love. Joy. Bliss. Collection Pouf

Miranda Kerr Stylish Pouf
This stylish pouf features a stunning upholstered seat complimented by a soft gold metal frame. You’ll love the subtle blush color that’s sophisticated yet playful. Want to take this look to the next level? Add a tray to the top of the pouf, which instantly transforms it into a side table where you can display your favorite trinkets or a fresh vase of spring flowers.

Callie Floral Print Pouf

Floral Print Pouf
Nothing says spring like floral print. This pouf features a stylish cotton cover with white flowers and branches amid a denim blue canvas and is filled with polystyrene balls for overall comfort. Not sure where to put it? This pouf would look great in an underutilized corner in your family room, bedroom, entryway, or home office. Not only will it add a pop of pattern and color, but it also serves multiple functional purposes, so you aren’t wasting any space.

Make Your Home Pop with Stylish Spring Display Ideas

Spring is all about new life. Not only are flowers blooming, but the grass and trees are greener, and the wildlife is returning in all its glory. Spring is also when we celebrate Easter, which means coming together as a family. Here are some of our favorite spring and Easter display ideas to breathe new life into your home décor.

Go Green with Spring Flowers and Plants

While spring often means better weather and more time spent outdoors, it’s also a great time to bring the outside into your home décor with spring flowers and plants. Whether it’s daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, lilacs, peonies, or azaleas, there’s a wide assortment of spring flowers and plants that you can use as spring décor. Not only will they make your home look festive, but they also have other benefits, including boosting your mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity, as well as cleaning the air by absorbing toxins or making your home smell fresh.

Not sure how to display your flowers and plants? Keep in mind that flowers have a short shelf-life. Try choosing a few decorative vases in various rooms in the house and keep them fresh with professional bouquets or ones you make yourself from your own garden. Flowers make great table centerpieces and displaying them in your entryway is a great way to greet guests.

While you may think you need a green thumb to decorate with spring flowers and plants, you can get the same effect with artificial plants, and they’ll stay with you for the full season. You can even make your guests think they’re real by opting for a floral-scented air conditioner.

Select Spring Vases & Plant Pots

While decorating with fresh flowers and plants will go a long way to making your home feel like spring, you’ll need to decide how to display them. In addition to being relatively inexpensive, the right spring-themed vase or pot can go a long way to adding to your décor. To get started, look for anything that showcases spring colors, pastels, or Easter imagery. From there, try out different spring patterns, including anything with leaf patterns, geometric prints, or floral patterns. If you prefer spring farmhouse décor, look for something a bit more rustic or that utilizes natural materials. Regardless of which route you take, choosing spring vases and plant pots is a great way to embrace the season and showcase your personality.

Swap-In Your Spring Throw Pillows

If you’re looking for inexpensive spring decorating ideas, look no further than throw pillows. By swapping in spring-themed throw pillows on your sectionals, sofas, accent chairs, and beds, you can bring that spring cheer right into your home. Not sure how to get started? Consider spring colors. In addition to bright blues, greens, pinks, and yellows, which call to mind spring landscapes, you can also try spring pastel colors, which are ideal for decorating for Easter. If you prefer patterns, floral and leaf prints work great as spring décor, as do geometric shapes that mimic nature, like honeycombs and spirals. When decorating with throw pillows, you’ll also want to consider the material. While flannels and wools are great for fall and winter, you might want something a little lighter for spring.

Show Off Your Spring Sheets & Bedding

While choosing a comforter or duvet with spring colors and patterns can add an extra pop of color, you’ll want to pay special attention to materials when choosing your spring bedding. Now that winter is over, your extra cozy flannel sheets and down comforter might be a little too warm for the spring months. Ditch the flannel or jersey sheets for bamboo, cotton, French linen, or performance sheets, which are better suited to keep you cool and refreshed overnight. Ready to upgrade your bedding for spring? Visit a Star Furniture store near you to order a custom bedding set you’ll love for years to come.

Go Full Bloom with Spring Tablescapes

Whether you’re hosting the whole family for Easter dinner or celebrating a spring birthday, tablescapes are a great way to decorate for the season. To get started, consider your centerpiece. Because spring is famous for its blooming flowers, it makes sense to create a beautiful spring bouquet to sit in a festive vase at the center of the table. Want to get a little bit more creative? Wooden planter centerpieces look especially great as spring farmhouse décor. For your runner, you can go for a floral or leaf pattern, vibrant spring colors, or natural materials like woven rattan. And if you’re decorating for Easter, try displaying a bowl of pastel-colored eggs as your centerpiece. Remember, be as creative as you can, and don’t forget to showcase your unique personality!

Now that you know how to decorate your home for spring, you can visit a Star Furniture & Mattress store near you to shop our huge selection of stylish furniture, accent pieces, and other home décor. You can even take advantage of our in-store complimentary interior design services. In the meantime, check out our blog, where we cover everything from the latest interior design trends for 2021 to how to coordinate furniture.