Small Home Office Ideas that Make the Most of Shared Spaces

Feb 10, 2021

Home Office

White Writing Desk with Storage in Front of Abstract Painting

When it comes to home office design, you don’t have to have a full room in order to create a functional home office. Whether you’re new to working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, or you’re looking for variety when you do work remotely, these small home office ideas can help you make the most of shared space. 

Small Home Office Idea #1: Stick to Streamlined Desks

While executive desks provide a lot of storage and grandeur to a home office, if you’re trying to make the most of shared spaces, they tend to take up more room than they’re worth. That’s why one of our favorite small home office ideas is utilizing writing desks. Writing desks give you the surface you need to get work done without the bulky desk drawers and ornate detailing. 

Small Home Office Idea #2: Take Advantage of Multipurpose Furniture

Just because you need a designated space to work doesn’t necessarily mean you need a designated desk. If you’re short on space, consider furniture that might serve a dual purpose. Dining tables, for example, can quickly transform into a daytime office, as can console tables, vanities, and kitchen islands. If you’re someone who enjoys working from the couch, you can even use a lift-top coffee table as your daytime desk, storing your work computer and accessories in the storage portion of the coffee table when you’re done with work for the day. 

Small Home Office Idea # 3: Keep an Eye Out for Underutilized Spaces

You may not realize it, but you likely have extra space in your home or apartment that you aren’t using. Whether it’s a bare corner in the living room, kitchen, dining room, or bedroom, a half empty closet, or extra space in an entryway, look for empty space, bare surfaces, or underutilized furniture that might work as a small home office space. 

Small Home Office Idea #4: Repurpose Your Guest Room 

Do you have a guest room you only use a few times a year when you have guests in town? If so, it might be time to design your own guest room office combo. If the room already has a vanity, you can repurpose that as a desk, or you can choose a writing desk that doesn’t take up too much space. 

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