She Shed Ideas for the Perfect Backyard Getaway

Aug 1, 2022

Interior Design

Crafting Desk in She Shed

While you’ve probably heard of a man cave, you might not be familiar with the newest iteration of gender-specific household getaways: she sheds. In today’s blog, the interior design experts at Star Furniture discuss some of the best she shed ideas for the perfect backyard getaway. 

What is a She Shed?

Think of a she shed as the female equivalent of a man cave. It’s essentially a room of one’s own where a woman can escape from the responsibilities of life and decorate however she pleases. Traditionally, she sheds are literal outdoor sheds that are converted into a space for entertainment, rest, relaxation, or even work. That said, a she shed could be any structure or even any room that is reserved for this purpose.

Our Favorite She Shed Ideas

She Shed Craft Room

Are you into sewing, knitting, embroidery, quilting, scrapbooking, jewelry-making, or other crafts? One of our favorite she shed ideas involves creating a she shed craft room where you can go to focus on your hobbies. Not only can this keep dangerous or messy items away from the prying paws of your children and pets, but it will also give you a place to work on your crafts without interruption.

She Shed Reading Nook

Reading takes concentration, and if you’re trying to read in the same room where your kids are playing or your husband is watching TV, it can be hard to focus. Whether you like to read memoirs, magazines, non-fiction, or novels, a she shed reading nook could completely transform your reading life for the better, giving you the quiet space you need to lose yourself in a book.

She Shed Office

While she sheds are often used for entertainment and relaxation, it may be that a she shed office is just what you need to thrive when working from home. You might not even use your she shed office for your day job. If you like to write in your free time, for example, a she shed can provide the privacy you need to bury yourself in your creative work.

She Shed Lounge

Whether you like to host friends for book club or cocktails, a she shed lounge can serve as the perfect place to entertain guests. Not only does it give you and your friends some peace and privacy, but it means you’re close enough that you won’t necessarily need a babysitter and you don’t have to worry about losing time on the drive home.

She Shed Yoga Studio

Need some room to spread out for your daily yoga practice? A she shed yoga studio provides the space and silence you need for a refreshing session of yoga. But it’s doesn’t have to be yoga. You can create a she shed home gym with Pilates equipment, stationary bikes, free weights, or whatever else you use to stay fit and healthy.

She Shed Potting Shed

If gardening is your hobby, a she shed potting shed may be just what you need. While garages tend to be a storage space for the whole family, a potting shed can be a well-organized oasis of everything you need to help your garden thrive. You can even use it to store some plants indoors during bad weather to protect them from the elements.

She Shed Art Studio

Whether you’re a painter, a sculptor, or another type of artist, you’ll need a dedicated space to work on your art projects. A she shed art studio not only provides the physical space you need for easels and other tools, but it also gives you the emotional space you need away from the stressors of everyday life.

Our Favorite She Shed Decorating Ideas

Showcase Your Personality & Style

The best thing about a she shed is that the space is all yours, which means you don’t have to compromise when it comes to design. In fact, unlike other rooms in your house that require a shared aesthetic, your she shed décor should perfectly reflect your individual personality and style.

Choose a Theme

One of our favorite she shed decorating ideas involves choosing a theme. Because she sheds often serve a distinct purpose, it’s easy to choose a decorating theme. In a she shed reading nook, for example, it might make sense to decorate with large bookshelves and etageres.

Use Your Crafts as Décor

If you’re using your she shed as a space to do crafts, why not use those crafts to decorate your space. If you’re quilting, embroidering, or painting, for example, try hanging a finished project on the wall. You can even use the raw materials themselves as decoration when they aren’t in use.

Pay Attention to Lighting

When it comes to your she shed, lighting will likely be something you have to think about. While you may have an overhead light, you’ll also want to think about layering in other types of lighting. If you’re reading or doing crafts, for example, you’ll need plenty of task lighting. You’ll also want to consider ambient lighting that can help set the mood. It’s time to take these she shed ideas and start creating your perfect backyard getaway. Visit a Star Furniture store near you or browse our huge selection of online furniture, including sofas, dining sets, desks, bookcases, and décor to help you design the she shed of your dreams. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we cover everything from how to style a bar cart like a designer to how to choose the right wall art for your wall.