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Playroom Décor Ideas: How to Decorate a Kids’ Playroom

Dec 27, 2021


Now that your kids have collected presents from you, your family, and Santa Claus, you may find that they need a dedicated place to play with them. These playroom décor ideas will help you figure out how to decorate a kids’ playroom that will keep you and your kids happy!

Focus on Function Over Form

While you obviously want your playroom to look great, when decorating a playroom, it’s important to start by considering function. Specifically, start by considering how your kids play and what they play with. If, for example, your child is all about crafts, your playroom will likely include a designated craft area, while if your kids are all about roughhousing and Nerf fights, you might want to opt for a cushioned, open area where they can safely play.

Select Some Storage Bench Seating

Looking for playroom décor ideas that can serve multiple purposes? Try selecting a storage bench or two for your playroom. Not only can you push a storage bench along the wall to create a great reading nook, but you can also use them as storage for all of the toys, books, blankets, puzzles, and crafts your children no doubt keep accumulating. Plus, as far as playroom storage ideas go, this one takes up relatively little space, making it especially useful for smaller spaces.

Create Designated Zones

Different children have different playroom needs, especially if there’s an age gap between your kids. Creating multiple zones throughout the room is a great way to accommodate all of your children’s unique interests. In fact, it can even help prevent sibling fights by offering each child the individual space they need to prevent petty arguments. To get started, consider how you want to utilize each area. You might, for example, include a reading nook with floor cushions for one child, an area to build Legos for another, and a loveseat and television for them both to watch movies together. The best part? Because they’ll have designated space to do their own thing, they’re less likely to get in fights.

Repurpose a Coffee Table or Cocktail Ottoman

Don’t want to settle for one of those plastic children’s tables? One of our favorite kids’ playroom table ideas involves repurposing a coffee table or cocktail ottoman for your kids to use for drawing, coloring, or putting together Legos. Because they’re already low to the ground, they’re easy for kids to reach. And because they’re more stylish than the tables marketed toward children, you’ll be able to use it long after your kids outgrow that type of play. Worried about your kids bumping their heads during horseplay? Be sure to choose a round coffee table or a cocktail ottoman to cushion their falls.

Create a Reading Nook

As far as playroom décor ideas go, we love the idea of creating a reading nook for your child. A designated reading nook can help nurture their love of reading and give them a comfortable space to catch up on their schoolwork. The best part? It’s easy to transform a reading nook as your child gets older by switching up the seating and swapping out the books on the shelves. When they’re a toddler, for example, they might be happy with floor pillows and crates of picture books, while they might prefer a chaise lounge and bookcase as they grow older.

Make Your Playroom Seating Fun

There’s plenty of space for stylish, sophisticated seating in your home. Let your kids’ playroom be the place for fun, child-friendly seating. In fact, one of our favorite playroom seating ideas involves taking advantage of poufs and floor cushions. Not only are they low to the ground so kids can easily play with their toys on the floor, but they’re available in a wide range of styles and bold colors your kids are sure to love. Have smaller children? Our new line of animal stools would look great in any kids’ playroom.

Bring on the Bold Colors

Looking for playroom decorating ideas on a budget? Try decorating your kids’ playroom with bold colors. Whether you opt to paint the whole room or just an accent wall, bold colors can go a long way toward making the room feel fun and playful. Don’t want to paint the walls? Look for poufs, accent chairs, floor cushions, and area rugs with fun colors and patterns to make the room really pop!

Get Creative with Playroom Storage

When it comes to playroom storage ideas, there’s plenty of room to get creative. An armoire, for example, might not be your first idea for decorating a playroom, but it can work great for storage, especially if your kids love to play dress up or if they have lots of items you’d like hidden out of plain view. Bookcases can also work great for storing games, puzzles, and books, and you can easily add fabric drawers and totes to house blocks, action figures, and crafting materials. Now that you know how to decorate your kid’s playroom, it’s time to make it happen. Check out our selection of playroom seating, kids’ desks, and other home décor. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we cover everything from the best kid-friendly sofas to our kids bedroom checklist.