Our Favorite Sideboard Cabinets & Buffets for Sale at Star Furniture

Sep 8, 2021

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The right sideboard cabinet or buffet can completely transform your living room or dining room. Not only do they provide much needed storage space, but they can help add a layer of style and sophistication to your home.

What is the Difference Between Sideboard and Buffet?

Many people use the terms sideboard and buffet interchangeably. While they may feature some small physical distinctions including the length of the legs, its physical location in the home tends to determine its name. You might refer to a piece as a sideboard, for example, if it’s placed in the living room or entryway, while you’d likely refer to it as a buffet if it were placed in the dining room.

Our Favorite Sideboards & Buffets

Here are some of our favorite sideboard cabinets and buffets for sale at a Star Furniture store near you!

Midtown Sideboard

Modern Two Tone Sideboard Cabinet

This modern sideboard cabinet features a distinguished black metal overlay engraved into the four doors, creating an eye-catching two-tone effect. Because the interior shelves are adjustable, this sideboard can meet a wide range of storage needs, whether it’s used to spruce up your living room or dining room.

Loft Logan Square Amherst Buffet

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Whether you’re decorating a mid-century modern living room or dining room, this stylish buffet combines modern minimalism with a cool retro sentiment and 70s revival style that’s sure to elevate your design. Plus, it features two drawers, two adjustable shelves, and a fixed bottom shelf to help you meet all of your storage needs.

Plank Road Sideboard

Rustic Sideboard with Decor

Looking for a rustic sideboard that perfectly blends modern and vintage style? You’ll love this stylish sideboard cabinet, which features sturdy tapered legs, a large lower shelf, three drawers with beautiful metal hardware, and a stunning metal trim.

Weatherford Buffet & Hutch

Modern Farmhouse Buffet & Hutch

Decorating a farmhouse style living room or dining room? You’ll love this incredibly stylish buffet and hutch. Not only does it feature three cabinets and three drawers in the buffet, but the hutch also includes four adjustable shelves to help meet your storage and display needs. Ready to start shopping for sideboard cabinets and buffets for your home? Star Furniture has you covered! In the meantime, check out our home inspiration blog, where we cover everything from living room essentials to how to decorate a hutch.