New Year, New Home: Home Décor Ideas for Every Room in the House

Jan 3, 2022

Interior Design

Ready to start fresh in the new year? The environment you live in can have a huge impact on how you feel. Now that holiday decorations are coming down, your rooms might feel a little cold and bare. In today’s blog, we discuss home décor ideas for every room in the house that can help bring you and your family joy in the new year.

Living Room Décor Ideas

Want to spend more time together as a family this year? Create the perfect space for your family to congregate with these living room décor ideas.

Refresh Your Lighting

Living Room Lighting Ideas

(Pictured Above: Ellis Table Lamp)

Now that you’ve taken down your Christmas tree, it’s easy for your living room to feel a bit dark and drab. A new table lamp or floor lamp can go a long way toward brightening your living space for the new year.

Find the Right Sofa Table

sofa table with stools

(Pictured Above: Harvest Home Sofa Table with Bar Stools)

For many, storage and seating are two problem areas in their living room. The right sofa table can solve both. Not only does a sofa table with stools give you some extra seating, but it also provides additional storage space to help clear clutter for a more relaxing living room.

Dining Room Décor Ideas

Ready to start entertaining more guests in the new year? These dining room décor ideas are guaranteed to impress your family and friends at your next dinner party.

Create a Picture Perfect Tablescape

modern dining set

(Pictured Above: Arden Mid-Modern Dining Set)

Looking for dining room décor ideas that won’t break the bank now that the holiday decorations have come down? Replace your holiday tablescape with something a little more evergreen. To get started, choose a stylish table runner, and pick a theme for the table. Then, add the perfect centerpiece and accessories to make your table stand out.

Break Out the Bar Cart

rustic bar cart

(Pictured Above: Ryland Bar Cart)

Bar carts are a practical way to store liquor, wine, glassware, and the other tools and supplies needed to make delicious cocktails. But it’s not all about practicality. A stylish bar cart can elevate your dining room, creating a chic and convenient space for entertaining.

Bedroom Décor Ideas

Looking for some design inspiration for your master bedroom, guest bedroom, or kids’ room? These bedroom décor ideas can help you completely transform your space.

Upgrade Your Headboard

layered bedding with upholstered headboard

(Pictured Above: Skyline Upholstered Bed)

The bed often serves as the focal point of the bedroom, so if you’re looking for bedroom décor ideas to freshen up your look, it’s the perfect place to start. Want to make your bedroom extra comfy and cozy? Opt for an upholstered headboard. Not only will it make your space feel homey, but they’re currently in vogue.

Opt for an Unconventional Nightstand

unique nightstand in bedroom

(Pictured Above: Linea Marble Nightstand)

You don’t have to completely refurbish your bedroom to keep it looking fresh and stylish. Opting for an unconventional nightstand can add an extra layer of elegance while transforming the look and feel of your bedroom.

Home Office Décor Ideas

Planning to work remotely in the new year? Not only will these home office décor ideas help make your workspace more stylish, but they might even help you be more productive in 2022 and beyond.

Add an Accent Wall

desk with accent wall

(Pictured Above: Arlington House Writing Desk)

Spruce up those work-from-home zoom calls with an accent wall. Whether you choose a bright pop of color, a personalized gallery wall, or fun wallpaper, make sure it’s opposite your webcam so you can show it off during all of your meetings.

Bring in Some Extra Seating

accent table with accent chair

(Pictured Above: Greer Accent Table)

Looking for home office décor ideas that might increase productivity? Bring in some extra seating like an accent chair, chaise lounge, or loveseat. Who knows? Working from a fresh location might even give you some much-needed inspiration.

Entryway Décor Ideas

The entryway is the first thing your guests see when they visit, which means it shouldn’t be a decorative afterthought. These entryway décor ideas will help you make the most of your space.

Make Use of Mirrors

decorative wall mirror

(Pictured Above: Aella Wall Mirror)

Did you know that utilizing mirrors can make a small room look larger? That’s why hanging a mirror is the perfect way to add depth to your entryway. The best part? It will also make it easy to give yourself a good once over before heading out.

Try a Storage Bench Seat

upholstered bench

(Pictured Above: Chandler Shoe Storage Bench)

Sick of having to lean against the wall to put on your shoes? What about all of the shoes piling up in your entryway? A storage bench can help clear your entryway clutter and give you a nice place to sit to put on your shoes before you head out for the day. Plus, they can add a pop of color and style to your entryway. Now that you have all of these amazing home décor ideas, it’s time to make them happen. Visit a Star Furniture store near you to browse our huge selection of living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, home office furniture, and home décor. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we cover everything from the latest dining room trends to twelve simple ways to refresh your home.