New House Checklist: Kids’ Bedroom Furniture & Décor Must-Haves

Aug 2, 2021


Kids Bed with Storage, Dressers, and Nightstand

Whether you’re looking to furnish your new home or hoping to redo your child’s bedroom for the upcoming school year, this new house checklist features all of the kids’ bedroom essentials you’ll need to set your child up for success.

Kids Bedroom Essential #1: A Comfortable Mattress

Nectar Mattress in Bright Orange Bedroom

(Pictured Above: Nectar Premier Copper Mattress)

It’s no secret that getting enough sleep is integral to a child’s growth and development. That’s why buying the right mattress can make such a big difference. In fact, the right mattress and environment can help your child fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, making it one of the most important items on your new house checklist and one of easiest ways to upgrade a child’s bedroom for a new school year.

Wondering how to choose a mattress for a child? You’ll need to consider the optimal size, firmness, and mattress type. While the size can be dictated by the bed your child has or the size of their bedroom, it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. While a smaller bed might be fine when your child is under 10, they may need something bigger (or longer) during their teen years. You should factor in how long you expect your child to use the same mattress when making your decision. You’ll also want to consider the pros and cons of each type of mattress including the durability, firmness, motion isolation, temperature neutrality, and the mattress foundation required.

Kids Bedroom Essential #2: A Stylish Bed

White Bunk Beds with White Dresser in Bedroom

(Pictured Above: Madison Twin/Twin Bunk Beds)

One of the most important items to cross off your new house checklist is your child’s bed. When choosing a bed for your child, you’ll need to consider the size and shape of the bedroom, the age of the child, and the style of the bedroom.

Like choosing a mattress, choosing a bed requires you to think in both the short and long term. If, for example, you intend for your child to share a room with a sibling, it might make sense to choose bunk beds. If the room is particularly small, a loft bed might help create the space your child needs to play or do homework. If you frequently host sleepovers, a trundle bed can serve as the perfect place for a friend to sleep when they spend the night.

When decorating a kid’s bedroom, you need to think about how you intend for your child to use the space and then decorate accordingly. But remember, in addition to being functional, you want your child’s bedroom to reflect their unique style and personality. At Star Furniture, we have a wide range of children’s beds for sale, including options for any interior design style. Whether you’re looking for a modern bed with built-in storage or a farmhouse style bunk bed for your kids to share, we’ve got you covered.

Kids Bedroom Essential #3: Bedroom Storage

Kids Bedroom with Storage Bed & Chest

(Pictured Above: Fulton County Storage Bed)

Kids can be messy. In fact, cleanliness is often one of the biggest points of contention between children and their parents. Help set your child up for success by offering plenty of bedroom storage, so that your child has the tools they need to keep their room under control.

Dressers, Chests & Nightstands

When it comes to bedroom storage, dressers, chests, and nightstands are probably the items that first come to mind. Dressers, for example, help keep your child’s clothes organized and off the floor. That’s why it’s so important to choose dresser sets that are able to store most, if not all of your child’s wardrobe. While nightstands do have some additional drawer space that can be used for clothing, their proximity to the bed makes them great for holding a glass of water, a lamp, whatever book your child is reading, and anything else they need close to them while they sleep.

Desks, Bookcases, and Totes

While dressers, chests, and nightstands can help with clothing storage, that’s not the only type of storage your kids’ bedroom will need. Desks can help your kids organize their schoolwork, bookshelves can help them organize their reading materials, and toy boxes and totes can help them organize their other belongings. While Star Furniture offers plenty of kids’ desks to choose from, you might also consider writing desks, which tend to be on the smaller side and will easily transition with your child as they get older.

When choosing bedroom storage items, you’ll want to consider items that your child can grow into. A full-sized writing desk with the right chair, for example, can work just as well for a fourth grader as it would a junior in high school. While storage needs can change as your child gets older, that doesn’t mean they can’t repurpose the bedroom storage furniture they already have. What was once used as a toy box can easily transition to a place to hold old notebooks, sports memorabilia, pictures, and more.

That said, if your child’s knees touch the desktop you bought for their room ten years ago, it may be time to update. Not only will it help their bedroom feel more personalized, but it may even encourage them to spend more time on schoolwork.

Kids Bedroom Essential #4: Bedroom Seating

Poufs in Child's Bedroom

(Pictured Above: Essex Pouf)

For most kids, bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping. In fact, many children use their bedrooms for a wide range of activities, including everything from playing Legos and house to doing homework and reading. That’s why no kids’ bedroom is complete without some practical and stylish seating options.

Desk Chairs

One common type of seating in a kids’ room is a desk chair that’s paired with a desk. Desk seating offers a great place for kids to do their homework, draw, color, or craft from the comfort of their own room. Even if you keep the same desk, swapping out desk chairs is a great small change you can make as your child grows up to help the room grow with them.

Pouf Seating & Floor Pillows

One of our other favorite kids’ bedroom décor ideas involves extra pouf seating. Not only do these stylish poufs look great, but they can be a comfortable place for your child to read, play with toys, or chat with a friend in their room. The best part? Since poufs are so portable, your child can easily move them from room to room whenever they need a comfortable place to sit. Plus, they’re a relatively inexpensive item to replace as your child gets older and their style changes.

Bedroom Benches

Depending on how big your child’s bedroom is, you might also consider a bedroom bench. In addition to serving as a place for your kid to sit down to get dressed or catch up on their reading, many have hidden storage to help keep their rooms clutter-free. Plus, because they tend to be long and narrow, they don’t take up too much space in a small bedroom.

When it comes to bedroom seating, don’t be afraid to get creative and really hone-in on your child’s interests. If you have a kid who loves to read, for example, creating a small reading nook in their bedroom can be a great way to accommodate their interests.

Kids Bedroom Essential #5: Bedroom Lighting

(Pictured Above: Alistair Table Lamp)

Many bedrooms have built-in overhead lighting, but that doesn’t mean your child’s lighting needs are covered. Table lamps, for example, can be placed on the nightstand next to your child’s bed so they can easily read in bed without having to stand up afterward to turn off the light. Desk lamps and floor lamps can help also add some extra task lighting for when your child is doing their homework or working on crafts. While we often think of nightlights for smaller children who are afraid of the dark, they can be helpful for older children and even adults by offering a little light to help you find your way to the door in the middle of the night without having to turn on any bright lights.

If your child’s room doesn’t have much natural or overhead lighting, this additional lighting can make a huge difference in the look and feel of the room. Plus, table lamps, floor lamps, and nightlights can add to the style and ambiance of the room.

Kids Bedroom Essential #6: Bedroom Décor

Bedroom décor doesn’t just affect how the room looks; it also affects how your child feels while they’re in it. Finding the right bedroom décor can take the room to the next level and replacing kids’ bedroom décor for the new school year is a great way to get them excited about heading back to school.

Area Rugs

When it comes to kids’ bedroom décor, you can’t go wrong with an area rug. Rugs serve a wide range of practical and stylistic functions. For smaller children, area rugs can soften their falls and help prevent injuries. They can also keep furniture in place, prevent echoes, trap dust, protect flooring, and keep your feet warm in the winter. Stylistically, area rugs can brighten a dark room, incorporate new colors into your color scheme, create visual contrast, add texture, and help anchor the room. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why area rugs are one of our favorite kids’ bedroom décor ideas. In fact, changing out an area rug is one of the most inexpensive ways to update a child’s bedroom without buying all new furniture.

Wall Art

One of our favorite inexpensive decorating ideas for kids' bedrooms is switching out the wall art. Kids go through phases, and while furniture can be expensive to replace, wall art is a much more affordable way to transform their bedroom as their interests grow and change. Whether you decide to create a themed gallery wall or just hang a few stylish pieces, the right wall art can showcase your child’s personality and can help them feel like they have more ownership over their own bedroom.


Looking for kids’ bedroom décor ideas for a small bedroom? Try decorating with mirrors. By placing them across from windows and light sources, you can make the room feel larger and more open. Plus, they can give your child a space to get ready in the morning, which can be especially helpful if your kids share a bathroom with other siblings.

Now that you have these kids’ bedroom décor ideas, it’s time to start decorating! Visit a Star Furniture & Mattress store near you to browse our huge selection of kids’ bedroom furniture. In the meantime, check out our home inspiration blog where we cover everything from the best kid-friendly living room furniture ideas to how to make a bed look luxurious.