New House Checklist: Home Office Essentials for Your New Home

Jun 1, 2021

Home Office

A new home is like a blank canvas to display your style and personality. In today’s blog, the interior design experts at Star Furniture discuss some of the home office essentials you’ll want to check off your new house checklist.

Home Office Essential # 1: A Stylish Desk

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(Pictured Above: Sierra Heights Office Collection)

When choosing a desk for your home office, you’ll want to consider three important things: size, style, and functionality. Executive desks, for example, tend to be large, traditional-style desks with plenty of desk storage, which means you’ll likely need a large home office in order to fit one comfortably. Writing desks, on the other hand, tend to be smaller, more modern looking, and offer limited storage space, making them a great option for a small home office. As far as functionality goes, you’ll also want to consider a standing desk, which can be used from both a seated and standing position, giving you some versatility throughout the day. In addition to being good for your health, standing desks can also boost productivity, help improve your mood, and increase your energy levels.

Home Office Essential # 2: Home Office Seating

(Pictured Above: Paramount Desk Chair)

When you think of home office seating, the first thing that likely comes to mind is an office chair that pushes under the desk when not in use. When choosing an office chair, you’ll want to consider functionality, comfort, and style. Many desk chairs offer features like swivel bases, adjustable armrests, and adjustable heights, and they can come in a wide range of materials. Consider which features will work best for you and keep comfort top-of-mind, since you’ll likely be spending a lot of time in the chair.

In addition to desk chairs, you might want to consider additional office seating. If you have clients who might visit your home office, for example, you’ll likely want some accent chairs opposite your desk. If you like to work from multiple locations throughout the day, it might be smart to find a comfortable loveseat, recliner, or chaise lounge to work from when you want a change of scenery.

Home Office Essential # 3: Home Office Storage

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(Pictured Above: Lennox Bookcase)

When it comes to home office essentials, it’s important not to forget your storage needs. While different jobs necessitate different storage requirements, there are three main types of home office storage: file cabinets, bookcases, and console tables. File cabinets are great if you have a lot of documents you’d like to organize for easy access. Bookcases, on the other hand, can provide storage for your novel collection or for any reference books you might need to consult during work hours. Console tables provide drawer and cabinet space for any excess clutter you need out of sight. Remember, you’ll want any storage furniture you purchase to match the style of your home office, and any excess shelf or table space can be used to display stylish décor.

Home Office: Essential # 4: Home Office Décor

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(Pictured Above: Caraway Counter Height Crafting Desk)

No one wants to work in a room with blank walls and no décor, so while you’ll want to start by picking up some of the bigger furniture items, it’s important to find the right home décor to help you feel happy, relaxed, and productive.

Home Office Lighting

While we’d all love to work in a home office with an abundance of natural light, many of us have limited natural light in our offices. To take advantage of what natural light you do have, try hanging a mirror next to or across from your windows. You can also purchase a mixture of table lamps and floor lamps to help keep things bright while you work. Need help lighting yourself for video calls? Make sure table lamps are on your list of home office desk essentials.

Home Office Rugs

Office rugs can serve a wide range of functional and stylistic purposes. Not only can they help you brighten a dark room, add texture, and incorporate your color scheme, but they can also help anchor furniture, trap dust, protect your flooring, and prevent those annoying echoes you sometimes hear on conference calls.

Home Office Wall Art

Tackling empty walls can be intimidating, especially if interior design isn’t your strong point. But the right wall art can help incorporate color, texture, and personality. Whether you decide to hang a large statement piece, a few carefully placed canvases, or a full gallery wall, hanging wall art is a great way to make your home office feel warm and stylish.

Ready to start checking some home office essentials off your new house checklist? Visit a Star Furniture & Mattress store near you to browse our huge selection of home office furniture and home décor. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog, where we cover everything from how to make a home office in a small space to the most common interior design mistakes and how to avoid them.