New House Checklist: Dining Room Essentials for Your New Home

May 10, 2021

Dining Room

A new house means a fresh chance to create the home of your dreams. In today’s blog, the interior design experts at Star Furniture provide you with a new house checklist, which covers the dining room essentials you’ll need to furnish a space you’ll want to show off to all your friends!  

Dining Room Essential #1: Dining Room Table

Choosing a dining room table is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when decorating your dining room. Before marking the table off your dining room essentials list, you’ll want to make sure you’ve considered the optimal height, shape, size, and style of your potential table.

Dining Room Table Height

Dining tables tend to come in three different heights: standard height tables (~30 inches tall), counter height tables (~36 inches tall), and bar height tables (~42 inches tall). While any height table can work in your dining room, you’ll want to make sure the height of the chair is compatible with the height of the table.

Dining Room Table Shape & Size

Dining room tables tend to come in four different shapes: square, rectangular, round, and oval. Square and round dining tables tend to work best for smaller dining spaces, while oval-shaped and rectangular tables tend to work best for larger dining rooms.

The size of your table should be determined by the size of the dining room and the amount of people who need to be comfortably seated at the table. A good rule of thumb is to allow 24 inches of space per individual seat. That said, many dining tables come with extendable table leafs, which can be added to the center of the table to create space for extra seating.

Dining Room Table Style & Materials

Dining tables can come in a wide range of styles, including everything from farmhouse trestle tables to traditional pedestal tables. They can also be made from a wide range of materials, including solid wood, wood veneer, glass-top, and marble-top dining tables. Keep in mind the style of your dining room when choosing a table, and make sure that the material works well for your family.

Dining Room Essential #2: Dining Room Seating

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(Pictured Above: Weatherford II Armchair & Side Chair)

Whether you’re decorating a formal dining room or a living room dining room combo, seating should be toward the top of your dining room essentials list. While you may choose a dining set that comes with its own carefully selected dining room seating, you’ll want to pay attention to the details when choosing the right seating for your dining room.

Dining Chairs

Armchairs are a broad category of dining chairs defined by their armrests. Also known as host chairs, armchairs are frequently placed at the ends of a dining table. A side chair, on the other hand, is a broad classification that describes dining chairs that are traditionally placed along the sides of the table. Side chairs, by definition, do not have armrests, making them a bit more casual in style. Because side chairs lack arms, they also take up less space around the table and make it a bit easier for people to get in and out of their chairs. That said, their lack of armrests can make them less comfortable than armchairs.

Both side chairs and armchairs can also come in a wide range of styles, including Parsons chairs, wingback chairs, Windsor chairs, ladderback chairs, and more.

Dining Benches

Like side chairs, dining benches provide seating on one or both sides of a dining table. In addition to offering additional seating capacity, dining benches tend to take up less space, as they can be completely pushed under the table when not in use. They’re also more cost-effective than dining chairs, as one bench can replace several chairs around the table. Plus, they have a minimalist look that can complement modern, contemporary, and casual dining rooms.

Dining Room Essential #3: Dining Room Storage

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(Pictured Above: Midtown Sideboard)

From servers and buffets to china cabinets and dining hutches, don’t forget to add storage furniture to your dining room essentials list. Not only do they offer space to display seasonal décor, but they can also serve as much needed storage for items like fine china, glassware, tablecloths, serving trays, and other dining accessories. They can even be used as a functional serving station when entertaining guests. Regardless of what type of storage you choose, having some type of dining room storage serves a practical and decorative function, which can help take your dining room to the next level.

Dining Room Essential #4: Dining Room Décor

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(Pictured Above: Miranda Kerr Bar Cabinet)

When it comes to your dining room essentials list, don’t forget the décor! While you’ll likely want to prioritize your dining room furniture, choosing the right décor can make all the difference!

Area Rugs

Dining room area rugs serve a variety of functional and stylistic purposes. Not only can they help you brighten a dark room, add texture, incorporate your color scheme, and add visual contrast, but they can also help keep furniture in place, prevent echoes, trap dust, and protect your flooring.

Wall Art & Decorative Mirrors

While empty walls can seem intimidating when decorating your dining room, they function as a blank slate for your style and personality. Wall art can help incorporate color, texture, and style into the room, while decorative mirrors can help brighten the room and even make the room seem larger. Choose a hanging textile, a large abstract print, a gallery wall, or well-placed decorative mirrors to make your dining room shine.

Bar Carts & Cabinets

Bring some sophistication to your dining room with a bar cart or bar cabinet. Not only do they service a practical purpose, but a stylish bar cart can make your dining room feel classy and cosmopolitan. Ready to start marking things off your new house checklist? Visit a Star Furniture & Mattress store near you to browse our huge selection of dining room furniture.