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Mudroom Furniture Ideas to Help You Stay Organized

Aug 3, 2021

Interior Design

Console Table in Mudroom with Brick Floor

Thinking about organizing your home for back to school? Making some thoughtful home organization changes before the school year starts can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life! In today’s blog, we discuss some mudroom furniture ideas to help you stay organized all-year-long.

Choose the Right Mudroom Bench

As far as we’re concerned, no mudroom is complete without a storage bench. The benefits of utilizing a mudroom storage bench are countless. Not only will your children have a place to put on their shoes and make sure everything they need is in their backpack, but the extra storage space means less clutter and fewer lost items. The best part? Because of their narrow size, you can make a bench work in even the smallest mudroom. Whether you’re looking for small mudroom ideas or organization ideas for a large mudroom, the right storage bench can make all the difference.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

While mudrooms vary in size, many tend to be smaller than we’d like them to be. That’s why one of our favorite mudroom furniture ideas involves taking advantage of vertical space. Try finding a bookcase, etagere, or dresser that extends upwards and offers storage space from the ground up. You can even hang hooks to store items like coats and backpacks.

Mix Hidden & Open Storage

For many, functionality is the ultimate goal of the mudroom, but just because you’re prioritizing organization doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Mixing hidden and open storage is a great way to keep things looking stylish in your mudroom. Drawers work great for storing unsightly items while open bookshelves and cubbies work great for storing things you don’t mind people seeing. For extra hidden storage, try placing attractive baskets and totes on every other shelf of your bookcase.

Give Everyone Their Own Space

If you have kids, you know how hard it can be to keep track of everything they need to succeed during the school year. By assigning different storage areas to different kids and making sure there is a proper place for everything, you can help your kids stay organized throughout the year.

Bring on the Mirrors

Looking for small mudroom furniture ideas? Mirrors can help! Not only can they create the illusion of space, which is always helpful for cramped areas, but they can also add some serious style to your mudroom. Plus, they allow you and your kids to take a peek in the mirror before leaving the house.Ready to put these mudroom furniture ideas into practice? Visit a Star Furniture store near you! In the meantime, check out our interior design blog, where we cover everything from creative living room organization ideas to the best kid-friendly living room furniture ideas.