Modern Recliner Buying Guide: How to Choose a Recliner

Jun 9, 2021

Living Room

Recliners have come a long way from the unsightly chairs you remember from your grandparent’s house growing up. In fact, in addition to more stylish modern options, you can also find a wide range of impressive features, including power reclining, lift technology, heat and massage capabilities, and more. Whether you’re wondering how to choose a recliner for your dad this Father’s Day or trying to figure out if a recliner is right for your living room, our modern recliner buying guide can help!

Types of Recliners

From manual and power recliners to push back and lift recliners, you’ll find an array of stylish and comfortable options to choose from. In fact, some recliners even combine multiple types, which means you may find a power recliner that glides, swivels, or lifts. Before you can choose which type of recliner is right for you, it’s important to understand all the options available.

Manual Recliners

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(Pictured Above: Redwood Recliner)

Like the name implies, manual recliners use a lever on the side of the chair to move the seat from an upright to a reclined position. Manual recliners might also have rocking, gliding, or swivel capabilities depending on their construction and design.

Power Recliners

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(Pictured Above: Elton Power Recliner)

Power recliners use a button to electronically recline the chair to an angle of your choosing. Like manual recliners, they can also have rocking, gliding, and swivel capabilities, as well as lift, massage, and heating options, depending on the model you choose. Many power recliners also come with USB charging stations for your electronics.

Rocker Recliners

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(Pictured Above: Front Row Rocker Recliner)

Rocker recliners utilize arched tracks, which allow them to gently rock back forth in a soothing motion. Rocker recliners are especially useful for parents of young children and people with trouble sleeping, as the rocking motion can help lull them to sleep.

Glider Recliners

(Pictured Above: Preston Glider Recliner)

Glider recliners move forward and backward on a fixed track to create a rocking motion. Because they don’t move along an arc like rockers, they tend to offer a smoother motion and are less likely to trap toes underneath, making them a great option for nurseries. Some even have a locking mechanism you can use to make it easier to get up.

Push Back Recliners

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(Pictured Above: Woodlands II Accent Recliner)

Also known as press back recliners, push back recliners require an individual to lean back and exert pressure onto the back of the chair in order to recline, rather than utilizing a button or lever. Press back recliners often look like regular armchairs while in the upright position, making them a great option for people looking for more modern, stylish recliners.

Swivel Recliners

(Pictured Above: Bre Swivel Glider Recliner)

Swivel recliners are built on a circular base that allows them to swivel around in addition to reclining. The swivel functionality allows people to enter and exit the chair from any direction, which can be especially helpful when space is limited, and it also allows the user to converse with people throughout the room without straining their neck.

Power Lift Recliners

(Pictured Above: Evan Lift Recliner with Heat & Massage)

For people with mobility issues, power lift recliners can be a lifesaver. They feature an electronic lift mechanism that pushes the chair from a flat, seated position to a more upright, angled position. This effectively guides the seated person into the standing position. Power lift recliners can help prevent falls and can help reduce strain on the knees, legs, and hips.

Recliner Material

When choosing a recliner, you’ll want to consider the material. While leather recliners are incredibly popular, there are also many stylish fabric options available. Here’s what you need to know about leather and fabric recliner upholstery.

Leather Recliners

(Pictured Above: Prestige Leather Power Recliner)

If you’re looking for a recliner that will last, you’ll want to consider leather upholstery. Not only do leather recliners look great, but they’re easy to clean and don’t harbor pet dander, making them a great option for parents and pet owners. While leather furniture does require some maintenance in the form of yearly conditioning, it doesn’t require regular vacuuming like fabric recliners.

Fabric Recliners

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(Pictured Above: Edie Duo Power Reclining Chair-and-a-Half)

If comfort is your number one concern, you may prefer fabric recliners. While the fabric material used in recliners varies, they tend to be softer, warmer, and are not prone to that hot sticky feeling of leather in the summer. Plus, while leather comes in a variety of colors, fabric recliners have unlimited color and pattern options.

Choosing a recliner doesn’t have to be complicated. At Star Furniture, we have a huge selection of stylish recliners for sale at every budget. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we cover everything from living room essentials to home furniture technology features you’ll want for your home.