Make Your Children Smile with These Kids' Bedroom Ideas

May 13, 2022


Playful Pink Dog Kids Stool

While you likely spent weeks decorating your child’s nursery, as they get older and you get busier, it can be easy to put bedroom décor on the back burner. Ready to help your child create the bedroom of their dreams? Here are some of our favorite kids’ bedroom ideas to make your children smile! 

Save Floor Space with Bunk Beds

White Kids Bunkbed

(Pictured Above: Samone Bunkbeds)

Bunk beds are a great way to save floor space in your kids’ bedroom. If you have multiple children sharing a room, bunk beds give them each a little space that’s all their own that you can help them decorate. For kids who don’t share a room, bunk beds will come in handy when they start inviting friends over for sleepovers.

Create a Kids’ Nook for Activities

White Kids Craft Station

(Pictured Above: Madison Desk & Hutch)

One of our favorite kids’ bedroom ideas involves creating a kids’ nook for all of their favorite activities. Whether it’s a reading nook packed with bookshelves and fun seating options or a craft station for them to draw, paint, or build Lego sets, designing a corner of the room to suit their interests will make their room feel even more personalized and cozy.

Keep Things Organized with Trundle Storage

Kids Bed with Wood Storage Furniture

(Pictured Above: Bunkhouse Louvered Panel Bed)

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it is to get kids to keep their bedrooms neat and tidy. One way to help them stay organized is to make sure they have plenty of storage furniture at their disposal. Need some kids’ bedroom storage ideas? A trundle bed with drawer storage will go a long way toward helping make sure there’s a home for every object in their room, so they’ll have no excuse for not keeping their room clean.

Get Whimsical with Your Kids’ Bedroom Décor

Playful Pink Dog Kids Stool

(Pictured Above: Parker Puppy Stool)

While the rest of your interior design is likely pretty grown up, a kids’ bedroom is the perfect place to get a bit whimsical. In fact, you can even make a summer project of helping your child create a fun, playful bedroom that suits their personality and interests. Whether it’s a treehouse bed or funky animal stools, there are plenty of ways to bring some whimsy to your kids’ bedroom design.

Now that you know some of our favorite kids’ bedroom ideas, it’s time to start decorating. Visit a Star Furniture store near your or browse our selection of kids’ furniture, including kids' beds, kids’ desks, kids’ seating, kids’ dressers, and kids’ nightstands. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we cover everything from kid-friendly living room furniture ideas to how to decorate a kids’ playroom.