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Luxury Bedroom Must Haves: What Every Master Bedroom Needs

Dec 31, 2019

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Luxury Master Bedroom

Once you reach adulthood, you can no longer get away with a bedroom that consists entirely of a mattress thrown on the ground and laundry baskets full of clothes. These luxury bedroom must-haves will take your master bedroom to the next level.

Luxury Bedroom Essentials: A Floor Length Mirror

While a floor length mirror might not seem like the peak of luxury, it serves a functional and decorative purpose, making it number one on our list of what every master bedroom needs. Not only will it prevent you from leaving the house with two unmatching shoes or a tag on the back of your pants, but it can also add depth to the room, making it feel larger. Plus, if you hang it in the right spot, you can amplify the natural light from your windows, which can boost your mood and help you wake up in the morning.

Luxury Bedroom Essentials: Bedroom Seating

From bedroom benches to fun accent chairs, furnishing your room with bedroom seating can be a great way to make your bedroom feel a little more luxurious. Not only does it give you some space to comfortably put on your shoes or enjoy your morning coffee, but you can also use it as a space to indulge in your favorite hobbies, like reading, knitting, or catching up on your favorite television show. Whether you use your seating for practical matters like laying out tomorrow’s clothing or for creating a cozy reading nook, having the extra bedroom seating will be certain to add an element of luxury to your room.

Luxury Bedroom Essentials: A Stylish Headboard

Putting your mattress on the floor might have worked in college but having a proper bed frame and headboard can immediately up the style and sophistication of your bedroom. Before you buy, consider popular interior design trends like upholstered headboards, which can add softness and texture to your bedroom. Regardless of what style headboard you choose, having your mattress off the floor has the added benefit of keeping it away from any creepy crawlies that might be on the ground. Need help choosing? Check out our official guide to buying a bed.

Luxury Bedroom Essentials: Matching Nightstands

Looking for luxury bedroom ideas? Keep it simple with matching nightstands. While this may seem like something on every basic bedroom furniture list, matching nightstands can balance out the room and provide the convenience you crave. Try adding complementary lamps to each nightstand, and make sure to measure before buying. Different bed heights require different nightstands.

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