Living Room Ideas: How to Create a Focal Point

Jun 7, 2019

Design Tip

Harmony Floral Print Accent Chair

Wondering how to create a focal point in your living room? We’ve got you covered! In today’s blog, the Star Furniture interior design experts cover everything you need to know about creating a focal point in your living room.

What is a Focal Point in Interior Design?

A focal point is a specific area or furniture piece that attracts attention and draws people’s eyes when they walk into a room. A focal point can also create a certain mood or theme for the room. A living room with a television as its focal point, for example, has a different vibe than a living room with a fireplace as its focal point. Because the focal point of the room is likely the first thing people notice, it’s a great stylistic starting point when decorating.

How to Create a Focal Point?

Creating a focal point is all about deciding what you want to make your focal point. Essentially, you create a focal point by drawing visual attention to something in the room. If, for example, you want a specific wall to be your focal point, you might paint it a different color or arrange artwork in a specific way. Choosing a stylistically bold piece of furniture like a bright couch or a unique coffee table can be enough to draw attention in a room, especially if its balanced with other neutrals.

Living Room Focal Point Ideas

Creating a focal point can completely refresh a room, so whether you’re starting from scratch or simply rearranging furniture, focusing on a new focal point can transform your living room. Here are some of our favorite living room focal point ideas.

Use Mirrors

Especially if you’re decorating a small living room, using a mirror as a focal point is a great way to brighten the room and make the space seem bigger. If you’re hanging only one mirror, it’s best to hang it at eye level, and choosing something with an intricate or distinct frame can help draw attention to it.

Design a Focal Wall

Decorating a small, narrow living room? Utilizing vertical space can make the room feel bigger. That’s why designing a focal wall can work so well in these spaces. Try painting the wall a different color than the others, arranging multiple pieces of artwork, or hanging shelving to display some of your favorite decorations. While you want to draw people’s attention, remember to leave a little space between items, as this can prevent things from looking cluttered.

Utilize Accent Furniture

Bold accent furniture is one of the hottest interior design trends of 2019, and it works extremely well as a focal point, especially if the living room is balanced with neutrals. Whether it’s a floral-patterned couch, a visually distinct coffee table, or a bright accent chair, choosing furniture with bold patterns, shapes, or colors can make for an interesting and fun focal point.

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