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Interior Design Trends to Try: Rustic Decor

Oct 21, 2019

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Rustic décor is one of the hottest decorating trends of 2019, and these rustic design ideas can help you create a look that will impress your guests for years to come.

What is Rustic Décor?

Rustic décor focuses on the rugged, natural beauty of the outdoors. That said, it comes in a wide range of interior styles, encompassing everything from a modern farmhouse to a rural lodge. Common features of rustic décor include raw materials like wood and stone, distressed metals, leathers, and woods, stone detailing, wood accents, fireplaces, cozy seating, and natural lighting.

Rustic Design Ideas

You don’t have to have a specific interior design style to take advantage of rustic décor. In fact, you can find rustic furniture options in the modern contemporary, traditional, and transitional furniture style. Here are some rustic design ideas to try in your home.

Incorporate Wood & Stone Accents

Wanting to give rustic décor a shot but don’t know where to start? Try incorporating wood and stone accents into your home. You can start as small as natural wood picture frames or as big as a distressed wood coffee table. Looking to balance your accents? Pay special attention to the texture and layering of the room by pairing wood and stone with different fabrics, earthy tones, and other decorations that fit your interior design style.

Emphasize the Natural

Whether it’s natural wood, stone, or fabrics like burlap and canvas, emphasizing the natural is one of our favorite rustic décor ideas. The best part? There are so many ways to do it—from the wood and stone accents listed above to choosing large pieces of natural wood furniture, like a rustic dining room table or bed frame. You can even choose wall art and décor that features plants, animals, and other outdoorsy patterns.

Decorate with Distressed Wood, Leather & Metals

When decorating the rustic style, try making use of distressed wood, leather, and metals. Materials that are distressed and burnished create the rugged look we’ve come to associate with the rustic style, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate these distressed materials into your living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom décor.

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