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Interior Design Trends 2022: What You Need to Know

Feb 23, 2022

Interior Design Trends

Whether you’re furnishing a new home or looking to redecorate, keeping your finger on the pulse of new trends is a great way to make sure your home looks fresh and fun for the new year. In today’s blog, the furniture experts at Star Furniture discuss some of the hottest interior design trends you’re sure to see in 2022.

Everyday Luxury Furniture

Curved Sofa in Luxurious Living Room

(Pictured Above: Milford 2-Piece Sectional)

Luxury isn’t just for the super wealthy. One of the biggest interior design trends for 2022 is everyday luxury furniture. While high design has typically been reserved for auction houses and galleries, there’s stylish, well-made, luxury furniture available at more affordable price points than ever before. In fact, our new Star Interiors collection can help more of our customers take advantage of this popular home design trend. Visit our West Houston/Katy location to browse high-end furniture brands like Vanguard, Lexington, Sherrill, and Bernhardt Interiors. Can’t afford a house full of luxury furniture? That’s okay! You can still take advantage of this trend by choosing luxury furniture at lower price points or choosing one or two high-end items to elevate your living room, dining room, bedroom, or home office. Not only can luxury furniture help take your home to the next level, but the high-quality craftsmanship means you know they’ll last for years to come.

Home As Therapy

Blue Couch in Relaxing Living Room

(Pictured Above: Marin Sofa)

In response to the isolation of the COVID pandemic, many people are designing their homes to be an oasis from the realities of the world. From cozy bedrooms that prioritize calm and relaxation to living rooms decked out with stylish furniture that incorporates natural materials, people are using their homes to create a supportive place to escape from the complexity of the modern world. Whether it’s getting back to nature with biophilic design or prioritizing functional spaces to gather safely with friends and family, 2022 is all about the home as a place of comfort and healing. Want to take advantage of this 2022 interior design trend? Focus on creating a warm, welcoming space that prioritizes rest, relaxation, and nature. That could mean anything from adding plants to your home décor, choosing nature paintings and prints for the walls, using a natural color palette, or prioritizing your own well-being in your design choices.

Maximalist Décor

Sectional with Mixed Pattern Ottoman and Accent Chair

Pictured Above: Murdock Cocktail Ottoman)

While minimalism has reigned supreme for the last few years, it looks like 2022 will have more people turning to maximalist décor. Maximalism is a design style that prioritizes decadence over simplicity through carefully layered patterns, vibrant colors, curated gallery walls, unique shapes, glossy finishes, and plenty of accessories. Maximalism allows people to showcase their unique personality and style through the design of their home, and since people are spending more time at home than ever before, personalized spaces curated to an individual’s taste have never been more in demand. Ready to try maximalism in your home? Shape is a great place to start when choosing furniture. Look for silhouettes that feature flowy, curved lines and pair them with bold colors and patterns.

Upholstered Beds

upholstered bed with wood furniture

(Pictured Above: Skyline Upholstered Bed)

With all of the problems in the world, it’s no surprise that people want to feel cozy at home. One of our favorite furniture trends involves using upholstered beds and headboards to create a cozy bedroom. Not only are upholstered beds covered in soft fabrics, but they tend to have a layer of padding underneath the fabric for an extra dose of comfort, especially if you’re sitting up in bed. Plus, they provide a delicate visual effect that can help soften bedrooms that feature a lot of wood furniture or that don’t have the space for additional furniture. Upholstered beds are durable, low-maintenance, and versatile, and because they’re one of the hottest interior design trends of 2022, you won’t have any problem finding one that fits your unique style.

Curved Furniture

Blue Curved Sofa

(Pictured Above: Elton Curved Sectional)

Because of its innovative style and design, curved furniture is one of our favorite furniture trends for 2022. While straight, clean lines dominated in the past, unique, curvy lines are the way of the future. Curved sofas, for example, not only provide more space and seating, but they can help balance out a boxy room. In fact, they naturally draw attention away from the hard edges of the surrounding furniture or the harsh edges of the room itself, creating a more intimate, flowy space. Plus, their distinct look allows them to transcend their functional role to become an eye-catching statement piece that your guests are sure to envy. But it’s not just sofas. Decorative curves can be seen in many types of furniture, including headboards with rounded edges, curvy accent and dining chairs, and side tables, coffee tables, and dining tables with curved detailing.

Natural Materials

Reclaimed Iron Headboard

(Pictured Above: Santa Cruz Reclaimed Iron Platform Bed)

While natural materials never really go out of style, there’s no doubt that their popularity has grown in the past year, making them one of our favorite interior design trends for 2022. If you pay attention to the living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture you see, you’ll find plenty of options that utilize natural materials like wood, marble, leather, metal, and rattan. Not only are these materials sustainable and eco-friendly, but they look great, they’re long lasting, they’re good for your mental health, and they vibe well with every interior design style. Plus, because they’re so popular, you’ll find plenty of natural options for every type of furniture. In fact, you likely already have natural materials in your home, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for more. Whether it’s a marble top accent table, a solid wood dining table, a stunning leather sectional, or a reclaimed iron bed, you won’t have any trouble at all finding stylish furniture that utilizes natural materials.

Pedestal Tables & Nightstands

Pedestal Nightstand

(Pictured Above: Castella Urn Pedestal Nightstand)

While pedestal tables aren’t necessarily a new furniture trend, they’re no longer just for the dining room. Pedestal tables can also be used as side tables, accent tables, and even nightstands. Style-wise, pedestal tables are a great way to fill empty space, add visual interest, and showcase natural materials like wood and marble. In fact, the pedestal design lends itself well to unique flourishes and eccentric shapes that can add style, sophistication, and refinement to your home design When it comes to pedestal dining tables, not only do they look worldly and ornate, but they also offer some practical benefits. Unlike other types of tables, for example, pedestal tables leave plenty of extra leg room so you and your guests will be more comfortable when sharing a meal around the table. Not sure how to get started? Look for a pedestal side table that matches your design style and fits well inside your living room, entryway, or home office. If you also want to take advantage of the natural materials interior design trend, you might opt for a pedestal table that features a marble top or natural wood.

Plush Upholstery

Microfiber Sofa and Shaggy Ottoman

(Pictured Above: Pia 3-Piece Plush Sectional)

At this point, you’ve probably heard of “Hygge,” a Danish word that encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being. This idea comes into play with our next interior design trend for 2022: plush upholstery. Not only do plush upholsteries create a soft, welcoming look for your home, but they also feel cozy, comfortable, and relaxing. With so much uncertainty in the world right now, it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to make themselves feel cozy and safe in their homes. Want to start incorporating plush textures into your home design? Look for items like sofas, ottomans, chairs, and upholstered beds covered in refined upholsteries like velvet, microfiber, chenille, faux fur, boucle, and wool. Then, try pairing them with contrasting textures for a more balanced look. You’ll find plenty of plush textures that look and feel great without sacrificing style.

Mod Art & Lighting

Modern Lamp

(Picture Above: Vicki Table Lamp)

Looking to take advantage of current home décor trends but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Mod art and lighting might be right for you. When it comes to mod artwork, you can expect to see abstract shapes and forms, an experimentation with technique, and minimalist color schemes. You might, for example, find a painting with big brush strokes, repeating shapes, and bold juxtapositions. Similarly, mod lighting plays with shape, form, and material to create a modern contemporary look. You might, for example, find a metallic gold tapered steel cage lamp with a white marble square base. Mod art and lighting mixes playfulness and sophistication, so you can design a room that looks carefully curated, meticulously designed, and trendy.

Dual-Purpose Rooms

Writing Desk in Living Room

(Pictured Above: Trisha Yearwood Writing Desk)

Since so many of us are still spending more time at home, it makes sense that dual-purpose rooms are one of the hottest interior design trends of 2022. In fact, many of us are trying to find the space we need for various daily tasks that used to take place away from the home. While dual-purpose rooms can come in any configuration, we’re seeing more guest bedrooms doubling as home offices, kids’ playrooms doubling as exercise areas, porches doubling as craft spaces, and empty corners, entryways, and closets converted into homework help stations. Regardless of how you’re repurposing your rooms, you’ll likely want to take advantage of space savers like storage benches, writing desks, lift-top coffee tables, and other multipurpose furniture if you want this trend to work for you.

Bold Patterns & Colors

Bright Patterned Accent Furniture

(Pictured Above: Zenon Accent Chair)

Especially when it comes to accent furniture and home décor, bold colors and patterns are taking off in 2022. From eye-catching striped lamps to bright geometric accent chairs, you’ll find plenty of bright and bold looks for every room in the house. Not sure how to get started? This 2022 home décor trend is incredibly versatile. Play it safe by choosing a single bold patterned accent chair or get playful and try capitalizing on maximalist décor by mixing patterns across accent chairs, throw pillows, textiles, and artwork. Whether you play it safe or go all-in, there are plenty of ways to incorporate bold pieces into your home décor in a way that matches your unique personality and style.

Mixed Materials

Marble Top Nightstand

While living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms are always full of a variety of materials and textures, this 2022 interior design trend focuses more on individual pieces of furniture that feature multiple materials. You might, for example, find an upholstered accent chair with a bold wood frame, a two-tone sideboard cabinet, a metal nightstand with a marble top, or a wood dining table with a metal base. When done well, mixing materials in design can create a fun, yet sophisticated juxtaposition that helps create visual interest and balance the room. Ready to start shopping for the hottest interior design trends of 2022? Visit a Star Furniture store near you or browse our huge selection of living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, home office furniture, and home décor. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we cover everything from how to mix interior design styles to the latest dining room trends.