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Interior Design Trends 2021: How to Decorate Your Home in the New Year

Feb 22, 2021

Interior Design

Savannah Textured Pouf in Entryway

More time at home means more reason to redecorate! If you want to incorporate some of the hottest interior trends of 2021 into your home décor, Star Furniture has you covered! Take a closer look at some of these exciting furniture and design trends that can help you take your home décor to the next level!  

Interior Design Trend #1: High-Tech Furniture 

When it comes to home design and furniture trends, high-tech furniture keeps growing in popularity with no signs of slowing. Generally speaking, high-tech furniture is any furniture that incorporates new technology to create a better experience for the user. Some common features of high-tech furniture include USB charging ports, massage capabilities, and power reclining. Another type of high-tech furniture is “smart furniture,” which often features wireless connectivity, which can allow you to charge devices wirelessly and control different features through your smartphone. When it comes to high-tech and smart furniture, you’ll find a wide range of these high-tech features in everything from sofas, recliners, and dressers to adjustable base beds, lamps, and entertainment systems. 

High-Tech Furniture Inspiration

Carter Power Reclining Sofa & Recliner

Thinking about incorporating high-tech furniture into your home décor? Consider how high-tech furniture can enhance your living room, family room, bedroom, or home office. Not sure where to start? These high-tech and smart furniture options can help bring your furniture technology into the 21st century without sacrificing your interior design style.  

Carter Power Reclining Sofa (Pictured Above)

Beautyrest Black Luxury Adjustable Base Smart Bed 

Nicolette Table Lamp with Wireless Charging Pad

Modern Loft Storage Platform Bed with USB Charging  

Interior Design Trend #2: Multifunctional Furniture

You’re likely familiar with the interior design rule “function over form,” and this next interior design trend takes this idea even further. Multifunctional furniture is furniture that serves multiple functions within the home. While the most popular type of multifunctional furniture is a sleeper sofa that functions as both a sofa and a bed, other types include storage furniture like floor lamps with shelves, beds with built-in nightstands or drawers, and coffee tables, benches, and ottomans with lift-top storage. 

Multifunctional Furniture Inspiration

Panel Bed with Storage Drawers in Bedroom

When it comes to multifunctional furniture inspiration, there are plenty of stylish options for you to choose from when decorating your home. While sofa beds work great in living rooms and home offices that double as a guest room, storage furniture can work well in every room in the house. Plus, it’s available in every furniture style and budget, so you don’t have to sacrifice space for style. 

Modern Loft Brownstone Panel Bed with Storage Footboard (Pictured Above)

Monty 2-Piece Sleeper Sofa with Floating Chaise

Hemlock Floor Lamp with Shelves 

Trisha Yearwood Nashville Cube Ottoman  

Interior Design Trend #3: Modern Recliners

When we say that modern recliners are one of this year’s hottest living room trends, we’re not talking about your grandmother’s recliner. In fact, in addition to having high-tech features like power reclining and massage capabilities, modern recliners have a stylish look you just didn’t see in older models. You’ll love these updated silhouettes, which combine the comfort of a recliner with the modern furniture style so many people are choosing for their homes. 

Modern Recliner Inspiration

Copper Leather Recliner with Animal Print Rug

Modern recliners combine the comfort you remember from your childhood with modern styles you won’t be embarrassed to have in your home. While many of our most popular recliners shy away from the traditional recliner silhouette, they still incorporate the reclining functionality which makes for such a comfortable lounging position. While modern recliners look great in family rooms and living rooms, they can also work great as bedroom seating and as the perfect chair for your reading nook. Take a look at some of our favorite modern recliners for sale at Star Furniture. (Pictured Above)

Copper Leather Recliner  (Pictured Above) 

Elton Teal Power Recliner 

Jasmine Brown Leather Recliner 

Brady Silver Press Back Recliner 

Interior Design Trend #4: Statement Pieces 

While statement pieces have been a popular home design trend for the past few years, the pandemic has really intensified this trend. Because people are spending more time at home, they’re finding new and exciting ways to inject their personality into their décor, and statement pieces are a great way to do it. While you might think of a statement piece as a bold piece of artwork, any piece of furniture that is doing the work of grabbing your attention when you walk into a room is effectively functioning as a statement piece. 

Statement Piece Inspiration

Hexagon Martini Table Statement Piece

Trying to find the perfect statement piece for your home? Think of it as a focal point that will draw people’s attention when entering a room. A statement piece doesn’t have to be purely decorative. In fact, many statement pieces double as the main piece of furniture in the room while also serving a distinct aesthetic purpose. 

Miranda Kerr Hexagon Martini Table (Pictured Above)

Audrey Accent Chair 

Modern Charcoal Brando Wall Bed 

Soleil Canvas Wall Art  

Interior Design Trend #5: Natural Materials

We’ve already written about our love for the biophilic design trend: a decorating style that incorporates natural elements with human design into a look that calls to mind the natural world. One aspect of this interior design trend that continues to grow is the use of natural materials in furniture. Natural materials can range from natural wood and natural fabrics to other natural materials like hemp, bamboo, rattan, or wicker. By using natural materials in your home design, you can bring a bit of the outside world indoors, which is especially enticing while many of us are spending more time inside. 

Natural Materials Inspiration 

Trisha Yearwood Bedroom Bench

Looking to incorporate natural materials into your home décor? Don’t be afraid to mix natural materials with nature-inspired patterns like floral print or earthy color schemes. Because of the versatile nature of natural materials, you’ll be able to find furniture made with natural materials in every style and every budget. Check out some of our favorite furniture pieces that highlight natural materials. 

Trisha Yearwood Woven Banana Leaf Bench (Pictured Above) 

Arboles Round Glass Top Root Ball End Table

Corrigan Lift Top Coffee Table with Rattan Baskets 

Emilien Antique Wood Wall Panel Set of 3 

Interior Design Trend #6: Curved Furniture 

Looking to add visual interest to your home? One of our favorite interior design trends is curved furniture, which can help you make a statement in your home by creating contrast and balancing out your silhouettes and material choices. While choosing a funky curved couch is a great way to take advantage of this home design trend, you should also keep your eye out for curved coffee tables, curved beds, and other curved furniture. 

Curved Furniture Inspiration

Claire Curved Bed Upholstered

Incorporating curved furniture into your home doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, choosing curved furniture can actually be a great way to save space and help fit furniture into awkward spaces. Wondering how to coordinate furniture with curved pieces? Try reiterating the curved shape somewhere else in the room or placing the curved items along a curved wall or tucked into a corner. Here are some of our favorite curved furniture pieces to get you started. 

Claire Curved Bed (Pictured Above) 

Greta 2-Piece Curved Sectional 

Shearson Curved Swivel Chair

Zeferra Curved Console Table  

Interior Design Trend #7: Multipurpose Rooms

Thanks to the pandemic, we’re spending more and more of our time at home. For many people, that means finding a way to create multipurpose rooms, so they have the space they need for the various daily tasks that used to take place outside the home. This could mean turning a living room, family room, or bedroom into a shared space featuring a writing desk, an exercise area, a place for homework or crafts, a dining table, and other creative combinations. 

Multipurpose Room Inspiration

Not sure how to get started turning your room into a multipurpose area for the family. Start by considering the space and the functions you need the space to accommodate. Whether you’re creating a home office guest bedroom combo, a living room dining room combo, or any other creative combination, you’ll want to take advantage of space savers like multipurpose furniture and superfluous spaces like entryways, empty corners, closets, and hallways to create a space that works best for your unique needs. 

Interior Design Trend #8: Fun Cocktail Ottomans, Poufs, and Floor Pillows  

When it comes to multipurpose furniture, ottomans, poufs, and floor pillows work on a lot of different levels. On one hand, they provide additional seating that can be especially useful when the whole family is spending more time together at home. Plus, they serve multipurpose functions as surfaces, foot stools, seating, and accent décor that can help make the room pop. While this fun décor fits into the multipurpose furniture trend, the potential for fun patterns and bold colors makes it one of our favorite decorating trends that’s versatile enough to work in almost every room in the house. 

Fun Cocktail Ottoman, Pouf, and Floor Pillow Inspiration 

Savannah Textured Pouf in Entryway

While fun cocktail ottomans, poufs, and floor pillows can work great as multi-functional furniture for living rooms and family rooms, they also have a place in kids’ rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and entryways. But don’t just focus on function. Because of the bold patterns, colors, and fun shapes associated with this furniture, you can use these ottomans, poufs, and floor pillows as accent furniture to make the room sparkle. Take a peek at some of our favorite pieces for sale at Star Furniture. 

Savannah Textured Pouf (Pictured Above)

Barker Square Cocktail Ottoman 

Perdita Colorful Pouf 

Trey Purple Floor Pillow 

Interior Design Trend #9: Grandmillenial Style 

While this interior design style is relatively new, it can best be described as an updated take on traditional style (think your grandmother’s living room) paired with a few modern elements that keep it from looking too kitschy. In other words, it’s a mix of a minimalism and maximalism that culminates in the juxtaposition of both styles. One of the main features of grandmillenial design is patterned décor and embellishments like ruffles, pleats, and fringe. 

Grandmillenial Style Inspiration 

Lara Armless Accent Chair

Decorating in the grandmillenial style is all about curation. If you want the room to look more timeless than antiquated, choose fabrics in bold patterns, but keep the overall color palette limited and consistent. That said, grandmillenial style is about showcasing your personality, so decorate with décor that is distinctly ‘you.’ If you’re wanting to give grandmillenial design a shot, try starting with some of these pieces for sale at Star Furniture. 

Lara Armless Patterned Accent Chair with Skirt (Pictured Above) 

Marney Sofa with Skirt 

Floral Print Area Rug  

Casey Upholstered Lace Bed

Interior Design Trend #10: Upholstered Beds 

You’ve likely seen us write about the popularity of upholstered beds in the past, but this bedroom furniture trend shows no sign of stopping. Generally speaking, upholstered beds work so well because they add visual interest, texture, and color to your bedroom, and the soft texture of the upholstery makes the space feel extra cozy and relaxed. The best part? Upholstered beds come in all shapes, sizes, and furniture styles, so you can choose from traditional-style upholstered sleigh beds, modern wall beds, and everything in between.

Upholstered Bed Inspiration

Midtown Poster Bed

Thinking about buying an upholstered bed for your bedroom? Think about fabrics, color schemes, interior design style, and bed shape when choosing your upholstered bed. While velvet headboards bring an air of sophistication and style, other fabrics and adornments can help ground your room in a specific style. Check out of some of our favorite upholstered beds for sale now at Star Furniture to help you get started. 

Midtown Poster Bed (Pictured Above)

Kayla Upholstered Lily Bed

Olivia Ivory Upholstered Bed

Nolan Upholstered Bed 

Need a hand decorating your home? Star Furniture & Mattress has a huge selection of stylish living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, and home décor for sale to help you create the home you deserve. Plus, we offer free interior design services at our Texas locations and a virtual room planning tool on our website to help you make smart room layout decisions. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we cover everything from the 10 most common interior design mistakes to avoid to how to decorate a hallway.