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Guest Room Essentials: How to Upgrade Your Guest Room This Holiday Season [2020 Update]

Sep 3, 2020

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While fewer people will likely be travelling this holiday season, many people will might still be hosting houseguests for the holidays. In today’s interior design blog, we discuss guest room essentials and how to upgrade your guest room.

Choose the Right Bed

When it comes to guest room essentials, a guest bed is pretty high up on the list. Depending on the type of guests you’re expecting over the course of the year, there are different bed set-ups to choose from. Queen-sized and king-sized bed frames work well for couples, but if you’re expecting uncoupled guests or children, you might be better off with multiple twin beds or trundle beds. Choosing daybeds or sleeper sofas for your guest room can also be a great option, as they offer versatility—a great place to sleep and a great seating option for the waking hours.

Upgrade Your Mattress

Well-rested houseguests are happy houseguests and having a reliable mattress in your guest room can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Star Furniture has mattresses in an array of sizes, types, and brands, including everything from memory foam mattresses to more affordable innerspring mattress options. Plus, all mattresses over $999 come with free shipping on your whole order. If a new guest room mattress isn’t in the budget, you might consider moving your old mattress to the bedroom and buying a new mattress for yourself. Either way, Star Furniture has completely revolutionized the mattress buying experience to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Offer Extra Seating

If you have the space and budget, offering extra bedroom seating can be incredibly enticing for guests, especially if they want to have some alone time away from the action. Some of our favorite guest bedrooms have accent chairs or bedroom benches so visitors can relax and enjoy some quiet time during their stay. As far as guest room essentials go, having someplace to sit can be especially important for older guests who might need a comfortable surface for putting on their shoes.

Don’t Skimp on the Storage Space

Even if you decide not to have full-sized dressers in your guest room, having some storage space can make guests feel more at home. Try using nightstands with drawers as bedside tables, which double as clothing storage and a convenient surface next to the bed.  You could also consider putting a desk or vanity in the room so your guests will have space to get ready. Looking for small guest room ideas for storage? We love the idea of installing hooks for hanging luggage, coats, and other clothing items out of the way.

Pay Attention to the Details

Personalizing your guest room and paying special attention to the details can make it feel even more warm and homey for your visitors. We recommend hanging a mirror, wall art, or other decorations to make the room feel cozy. You might even consider having an extra television in the room. When it comes to what things to have in a guest bedroom, there are certain guest room essentials that can make the room cozy, convenient, and functional. Make sure to have a clock, wastebasket, blankets, hand sanitizers, and tissue readily available. You can even leave some of their favorite snacks, teas, or toiletries for them to enjoy during their visit.

Before you update your guest bedroom with these guest room essentials, be sure to check out the amazing furniture deals at our Star Furniture locations in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or Bryan, Texas. In fact, our in-store interior designers can help you find the perfect guest room decorating ideas for your style and budget. You can also follow our interior design blog for even more home design tips, including how to decorate a small bedroom  and everything you need to know about beds