How to Style a Bar Cart Like a Designer

May 11, 2022

Interior Design

Rustic Bar Cart with Stemware and Wine

Bar carts aren’t just functional, they can also be a stylish and fun addition to any living room, dining room, or sunroom. Here’s how to style a bar cart so it will serve its practical purpose and wow your guests. 

Follow the Principle of “Less is More”

It’s tempting to keep all of your liquor and glassware together, but when it comes to styling a bar cart, less is more. In fact, keeping your bar car clear of clutter is a great way to make it look more elegant and sophisticated. That’s why you should only be showcasing your most visually interesting bottles and glassware.

Make Your Ingredients Double as Décor

One of our favorite bar cart ideas involves using ingredients as décor. You might, for example, fill a glass bowl full of colorful citrus. Not only will it look cheery and fresh, but you can use the citrus as garnish in your drinks. Want to decorate with plants? Potted herbs like mint and basil can also be used to create tasty cocktails.

Vary Shapes & Heights

When styling a bar cart, you don’t want everything to be the same shape and height. You wouldn’t want a solid row of eight nearly identical liquor bottles. Instead, try blending items that are visually different like a tall, thin bottle, a large, bulbous bottle, and a pair of martini glasses. You’ll also want to play with depth. If everything is pushed to the front or the back of the cart, it can have a flattening effect on your décor.

Make the Most of Every Tier

Even though the top tier of your bar cart will likely be the most functional, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the other tiers. In reality, the very fact that the lower tiers of your bar cart aren’t used for cocktail mixing makes them perfect for displaying fun bar cart décor.

Embrace Seasonal Décor

Different cocktail recipes work best for different seasons, so it stands to reason that your bar cart styling should follow suit. In winter, you may want to pair colored liquors like bourbon with a vase full of festive Christmas ornaments, while summer may more prominently feature clear liquors and citrus fruits.

Now that you know how to style a bar cart, it’s time to start shopping. Visit a Star Furniture store near you or browse our online selection of bars, bar carts, and other home décor. In the meantime, check out our home inspiration blog where we cover everything from 2022’s hottest interior design trends to how to choose the right wall art for your wall.