How to Make a Living Room Cozy

Dec 22, 2019

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cozy living room ideas

Especially during the winter months, you might find yourself wishing your living room were a bit cozier. Luckily for you, the interior design experts at Star Furniture & Mattress can help. In today’s blog, we discuss how to make a living room cozy.

Invest in an Area Rug

One of the simplest cozy home décor ideas is to invest in an area rug for your living room. Not only do area rugs add texture to the room, but the lush fabric can soften the room, especially if your living room includes hardwood floors. Intimidated by the idea of utilizing a rug? Star Furniture has a wide selection of luxurious rugs for you to choose from. We can even help you discover how to choose the right size rug.

Make Use of Wall Space

Nothing makes a room feel colder than being surrounded by bare, white walls, so if you want to make your room feel cozier, start by making use of wall space. This can mean anything from adding curtains to your windows to adding wall art groupings above the couch. For a cozier feel, you might even want to try painting the walls or putting up patterned wallpaper.

Pay Attention to Texture

Texture is incredibly important when looking for cozy home décor ideas. In general, you want to create layers of texture. When employing a cozy decorating style, choose some soft, luxurious fabrics to include in your home décor. You might, for example, try incorporating velvet furniture, like a velvet sofa or velvet throw pillows. You can also try switching out your coffee table for an oversized cocktail ottoman, which can add cozy curves and softness to your living room.

Try a Fireplace Focal Point

One of our favorite cozy decorating ideas is making your fireplace the focal point. In general, focal points determine the mood and theme of the room, so having a fireplace as a focal point automatically creates a space centered around warmth. And what could be cozier than that?

Need help decorating your living room? Star Furniture & Mattress can help. Consult with one of our free in-store interior designers or check out or blog, where we cover topics like how to decorate your home on a budget and common interior design mistakes and how to avoid them.