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How to Make a Bed Look Luxurious: Our Luxury Bedding Spotlight

Apr 22, 2021


One frequently overlooked part of decorating a bedroom is choosing the right bedding. Not only is bedding important for your comfort, but it also can completely enhance the overall style of the room. In today’s blog, our interior design experts discuss how to make a bed look luxurious by highlighting some of the best luxury bedding sets available for custom order at a Star Furniture near you.

Amalfi Striped Comforter Set

Looking for modern luxury bedding that will add some visual interest and texture to the room without completely overwhelming it? Look no further than the Amalfi striped comforter set, which features warm neutral stripes with stria texture. Here’s what you’ll get: a stylish comforter, two standard shams, two Euro shams, one bolster, and three decorative pillows with feather fill. The best part? The Euro shams are reversible, so you can customize your look just how you want it.

Northridge Luxury Duvet Set

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When it comes to luxurious bedding, it’s hard to beat this bohemian-inspired pattern, which features spa blue and ivory accents for an eye-catching look that’s sure to make your bedroom pop. Not only does this luxurious bedding look great, but because it’s machine washable, you don’t have to worry about any spills. Here’s what you’ll get when you order this custom bedding set from Star Furniture: a stylish duvet, two standard shams, two Euro shams, and two decorative pillows with feather fill.

Addison White Duvet Set

Wondering how to make your bed as luxurious as a hotel bed? The Addison white duvet set is made from Belgium linen flax and vintage washed for softness, so it will make every night feel like an exclusive resort getaway. This luxury bedding set comes with a duvet, two classic white standard shams, two Euro shams, and a small decorative pillow with feather fill for added comfort.

Aubrey Luxury Comforter Set

Are you in the market for luxury bedding that makes a statement? Then you’ll love this richly textured modern bedding set, which adds visual interest and depth to any bedroom. Not only does it come with a comforter, two Euro shams, and two standard shams, but it also comes with two medium square pillows, one large square pillow, and one oblong pillow, all of which are feather filled and designed to add lushness to this luxurious bedding set.

Need more luxury bedding ideas? Star Furniture & Mattress has you covered. Visit a store near you to browse our huge selection of designer bedding sets for every style and every budget. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we cover everything from our bedroom essentials checklist to the top 10 most common interior design mistakes.