How to Get Better Sleep: Bedroom Ideas for Better Sleep Hygiene

Jun 3, 2022


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Trouble sleeping doesn’t just lead to groggy days, it can have serious health implications. Plus, the better you sleep, the more creative, productive, and patient you’ll be. But the answer to how to get better sleep will be different for everyone. These bedroom ideas for better sleep hygiene could be the inspiration you need to find some solutions that work for you.

What is Sleep Hygiene?

While you’ve maybe never used the term “sleep hygiene,” implementing better sleep hygiene is one of the most effective ways to set yourself up for better sleep. Sleep hygiene refers to both behaviors and environmental factors that contribute to the quality of your sleep. While some behaviors that contribute to sleep quality happen while you’re in bed (like checking your phone or wearing a sleep mask), others may happen earlier in the day so that you don’t even associate them with sleep (like drinking alcohol or exercising.) In addition to the behavioral factors, you also want to consider the environmental factors that contribute to your sleep hygiene. This includes everything from the room’s temperature and lighting to the quality of your mattress and bedding.

13 Bedroom Ideas for Better Sleep Hygiene

Since your sleep environment is so important to the quality of your sleep, making some upgrades to your bedroom can make a difference in how well you sleep every night. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best bedroom ideas for better sleep hygiene. Whether you use this as a checklist or pick-and-choose the bedroom ideas that you think will have the biggest impact, this list will give you the inspiration you need to design a bedroom that prioritizes better sleep.

Swap Out Your Mattress

Did you know that you’re supposed to switch out your mattress every six to eight years? And if you haven’t been taking proper care of your mattress, it can start to deteriorate even earlier. If you notice that your mattress is showing signs of wear and tear, you’re having trouble falling and staying asleep, or you begin to notice any of these other signs you need a new mattress, it may be time for an upgrade. While mattresses can be expensive, finding the right mattress can work wonders on the quality of your sleep. Not sure where to buy a mattress? Here’s why you should buy your next mattress from Star Furniture.

Consider an Adjustable Base Bed

While we often think of adjustable base beds as being for people who need mobility assistance, the reality is that they can help people with a wide range of health issues. Elevating the head of the bed, for example, can help with snoring and acid reflux, while adjusting the foot of the bed can help improve blood circulation. Elevation adjustments can also help alleviate joint and back pain. If you’re suffering from any of these issues, an adjustable base bed might be just what you need to improve the quality (and quantity!) of your sleep.

Curate Your Bedroom Lighting

Let’s talk about lighting. In the same way that looking at your phone can disrupt your sleep cycle, spending your pre-bedtime hours under bright white lights can make it harder to fall asleep. We recommend ditching any LED lights in your bedroom because they emit blue light that can disrupt your sleep hormones. Instead, choose warm, dimmable lighting that you can easily adjust for increased rest and relaxation and try to use only the light you need in the hours before bedtime.

Eliminate Clutter with Storage Furniture

The more relaxing your bedroom is, the better you’ll be able to sleep. And nothing wrecks relaxation like big piles of clutter. One of the best ways to tackle clutter is with the right storage furniture. If you have clothes piling up, for example, a spacious armoire might help. If you have shoes, blankets, or other accessories that need a place to go, try a bedroom storage bench to keep those items out of sight and out of mind. These decluttering tips from the experts at Star Furniture can help you get started.

Better Regulate Your Temperature

Do you often wake up sweating when you should be sleeping? Temperature-regulating sheets and bedding can help keep you cool during the hottest Texas summers. Bamboo sheets, for example, are naturally more breathable and temperature regulating than other fabrics because of their porous composition. Performance sheets are also specifically designed to wick away moisture and promote maximum breathability. You can even find temperature-regulating mattress protectors and blankets to help you keep cool.

Replace Your Pillows

If you want to know how to get better sleep, a good place to start is your pillow. Did you know that most experts recommend replacing your pillow every one to two years? While certain materials can last longer, if you’re noticing any sagging, lumps, or yellowing, it’s likely time to buy a new pillow. The same goes for if you’re waking up with a sore neck, having trouble sleeping through the night, or if your allergies start acting up more than usual. If you haven’t bought new pillows in a few years, there’s plenty of innovative technology that can offer premium support and temperature regulation. You should also pay attention to your sleep position when choosing a pillow. If you sleep on your stomach, for example, you’ll likely sleep best on thinner, less-filled pillows that allow you to lay your head flat without putting pressure on your neck.

Try Out a Weighted Blanket

Are you having trouble sleeping because of anxiety or restless leg syndrome? A weighted blanket could be just what you need to get better sleep. Weighted blankets combine the soothing comfort of a blanket with deep touch pressure therapy. Weighted blankets have been shown to provide relief for some people with sensory processing issues, stress, and restless leg syndrome. For people who have trouble sleeping, using a weighted blanket at night can discourage tossing and turning and provide pressure that stimulates your serotonin and melatonin levels, both of which can lead to better sleep.

Make Your Bed

In the same way that keeping a clutter-free bedroom can contribute to good sleep hygiene, making your bed can also help you get better sleep. Not only will making your bed like a designer keep your bedroom looking stylish and fresh, but it can also make your bed more comfortable overnight. Because we move around quite a bit when we sleep, our mattress protector, sheets, and blankets can quickly become disheveled. By taking the time to properly make your bed every day, you can better keep your bedding in place for that perfect tucked-in feel. That way, you’re not starting your night already tugging on the sheets your partner stole the night before.

Block Out Harsh Light

Good sleep hygiene often involves trying to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. But the sun can have different plans. Whether you have big windows that face east or a sleep schedule that has you sleeping through some daylight, high-quality curtains and blinds might be your answer to better sleep. If you’re especially sensitive to light, blackout curtains can help keep your room extra dark, even during the sunniest times of the day. If you like your curtains or have a partner that stays up later than you, investing in a sleep mask can help block out any extra light that could potentially prevent you from falling or staying asleep.

Choose Soothing Colors

Colors have been shown to influence mood, emotions, and behaviors. But did you know that they can also influence how well you sleep? That’s why one of our favorite sleep hygiene bedroom ideas involves choosing soothing colors for your bedroom walls. Pale blues, greens, and pinks, as well as beige and white have all been shown to make people feel calm and secure, which can in turn lead to better sleep. In general, you’ll want to avoid bright colors, which can throw off the energy of the room and put you in the wrong mindset for sleep. Don’t want to expend all of the energy it takes to paint your walls? Choosing these relaxing colors for your bedding and other bedroom décor is a great way to reap the benefits of these calming colors without all of the hard work and effort of painting.

Pay Attention to Texture

Since you want to avoid bold colors in the bedroom, you may be wondering how to create visual interest in your bedroom design. Instead of focusing on color, set your sights on texture. Fabrics like bouclé, for example, have a curly, knotted appearance that can add depth and visual weight to your space. And while you may want your bedding to be a muted color, choosing a patterned blanket can give you the visual umph you’d otherwise get from a bright accent piece. While you want to balance the textures in any room, a cozy bedroom may lean a little more toward the soft and cozy. Need help getting started? Textiles are a great way to add texture, as are upholstered beds and benches.

Get an Alarm Clock

Do you find yourself picking up your phone in the middle of the night to see what time it is? Not only can the blue light from your phone disrupt your sleep cycle, but once you’ve picked up your phone, you’re more likely to scroll Twitter, check your email, or perform any number of smartphone tasks that can make you less likely to fall back to sleep. That’s why one of our favorite tips for how to get better sleep involves purchasing an alarm clock. Not only will this prevent you from the temptation of using your phone overnight, but modern alarm clocks have plenty of helpful features that can improve your sleep hygiene. Whether it’s an alarm clock that mimics the sunrise for a more natural wake-up or a white noise machine that blocks the sound of your partner’s snoring or your cat’s middle-of-the-night trip to the litter box, the right alarm clock can help you get better sleep.

Make Plants a Priority

Bedroom plants don’t just add a pop of color to your design, they can also boost your mood, reduce stress, naturally filter air pollutants, and can even provide additional oxygen in your room. That’s why we think adding some greenery to your bedroom could actually help you get better sleep. Need some help getting started? Try adding a lavender plant to your room, which in addition to the other benefits, also puts off a pleasant, calming smell. Don’t have a green thumb? While faux plants won’t filter the air, they still provide enough benefits to make them a worthwhile addition to your bedroom. Now that you know how to get better sleep, it’s time to start upgrading your bedroom. Browse our huge selection of bedroom furniture, mattresses, pillows, and bedding to start creating a better environment for sleep. In the meantime, check out the Star Furniture blog, where we cover everything from how to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer to how to break in a new mattress.