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How to Design a Kid’s Room

Mar 10, 2020

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Kids Bedroom with Red Rug

Because children change so much, so quickly, designing your child’s bedroom can be tricky. Not only can they literally grow out of furniture, but their interests, style, and even the number of children living in the room can change over time. Here’s how to design a kid’s room that will grow with them.

Consider the Present & the Future

Choosing a bed for your child’s room requires some thoughtfulness. Before you spend big on a toddler bed that your child will quickly grow out of, take a minute to consider how big ticket items will hold up over time. Mattresses, for example, tend to last between five and seven years, so when choosing a mattress for your child, you’ll want to buy one that will accommodate your child for years to come. Similarly, if you’re planning to have multiple children, opting for a bunk bed instead of a single twin bed can end up saving you money in the long run. While we can’t always anticipate exactly what the future holds, we can make smart, informed predictions that can help guide your kids’ furniture decisions.

Create Separate Spaces

Children’s bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping, and if you’re wondering how to make a child’s room feel safe and personalized, you can start by creating separate spaces where they’ll feel comfortable whether they’re sleeping, playing, reading, relaxing, or doing homework. While your child’s bedroom will obviously need a bed, consider your child’s interests and needs when choosing additional children’s furniture. A desk, for example, could serve as a place to play with Legos or color when your child is young and could shift into a place where they can draw or do homework as their interests and needs change.

Prevent Clutter

Kids can be messy, and it’s no secret that room cleanliness is one of the biggest points of contention between children and their parents. Set them up for success by choosing furniture with plenty of storage space to keep their room under control. Choosing kids’ beds with built-in underbed storage and bookshelves, for example, can save space while also helping to keep kids organized, no matter what age they are.

Choose Short-Term Décor

Your child’s interests will likely change over time, so while you want your furniture to last, make sure your decorations are easy to switch out. Rugs and throw pillows, for example, can be easily swapped out over time, without a big price tag. Rather than painting an elaborate train mural on the wall, buy poster frames to decorate. That way, your child can switch out posters of their current interests, allowing them to easily personalize their bedroom, even as their likes and dislikes continue to change.

If you’re looking to furnish your child’s bedroom, be sure to visit a Star Furniture & Mattress store near you, where we have a huge selection of affordable kids’ furniture. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog, where we cover everything from our favorite kids’ desks and bookcases to how to decorate your home on a budget.