How to Decorate a Large Living Room

Sep 26, 2019

Interior Design Living Room

It’s no secret that decorating a living room isn’t always easy. In addition to picking items that fit your interior design style, you also have to find a way to arrange the furniture in the physical room, accounting for both its size and shape. Here’s how to decorate a large living room.

Divide the Space

When decorating a large living room, it makes sense to try and divide the space, so it doesn’t feel like one giant, indistinct room. Wondering how to divide a large living room in a way that doesn’t take away from the style? Try created designated spaces within the living room. You might, for example, have a reading nook area, a sitting area, a home office area, a dining area, or an area centered around the TV. Make these different living room zones distinct from one another by dividing the space visually with rugs, pillars, curtains, or even with the way you arrange the furniture. This can help manage empty space and create a functional and pleasing living room.

Anchor the Room

While it can be tempting to fill a large room with as much living room furniture as possible, having a lot of small objects and furniture can make the room feel cluttered. Try anchoring the room with a couple of larger furniture pieces. Consider using a combination of anchor items, which can include everything from a large sectional sofa to a bold-patterned rug. If your space is divided into smaller areas, make sure to have one anchor item in each area, so that it looks grounded, stylish, and finished.

Pay Attention to Scale

Are you decorating a large living room with high ceilings? Make sure that scale is a major consideration when choosing furniture. Tall armoires, bookcases, and couches can prevent the ceilings from seeming too high and your furniture from feeling dwarfed. Remember, it’s important to pay attention to both vertical and horizontal space so that your room feels proportional, stylish, and functional.

Double Up on Furniture

Having trouble finding furniture that fits your space? Don’t be afraid to double up on specific pieces of furniture or decorations. If, for example, you’re unable to find a coffee table big enough to fit your large living room, try combining multiple square or rectangular ottomans to fill out the space. You can even double up on accent chairs, lamps, rugs, or other decorations to create a greater impact, fill more space, and prevent challenging furniture matching problems.

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