How to Decorate a Hallway

Oct 8, 2020

Interior Design

Stylish Hallway with Blue Hallway Cabinet

When decorating your home, a lot of your energy likely goes toward decorating living rooms, and dining rooms, and master bedrooms. But home décor extends outside of the main rooms in your home. In today’s blog, we discuss how to decorate a hallway. While it may not seem as important as other home décor, incorporating some of our favorite hallway decorating ideas can have a big impact on your home’s look and feel.

Consider Function

You’ve probably heard of the concept “function over form” that’s often used when discussing home décor. While your hallway may have limited furniture, what furniture and décor you choose should depend predominantly on how the hallway is used. If, for example, your hallway serves as an entryway area, it might make sense to have a console table or shelf where you can store your purse, keys, wallet, shoes, and any other items you take with you whenever you leave your house.

Accommodate the Space

The size and shape of your hallway is key when deciding how to decorate a hallway in your home. If you’re decorating narrow hallways, for example, you may want to try using mirrors and bright colors to give the illusion of space. If your hallway is wider with plenty of nooks and crannies, you may want to use more storage furniture or statement pieces to fill the extra space.

Utilize Wall Space

In many hallways, wall space is the biggest decorating resource available. Not only can you decorate with hallway wall décor like mirrors, family photos, wall art, or funky wallpaper, but if your hallway is wide enough, you can even build built-in bookshelves, hanging wall shelves, and other décor. One of our favorite hallway decorating ideas is creating your own gallery wall using family photos, art from local artists, or artwork you’ve acquired from your travels.

Don’t Forget the Floor

If you’re wondering how to decorate a hallway on a budget, using a stylish rug is a great option. Hallways tend to be high-traffic areas, and while they may offer limited space for larger furniture and décor, picking a runner or small area rug is an easy way to add some visual interest to your hallway.

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