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How to Choose the Right Rug Size

Nov 12, 2019

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The right rug can be both functional and decorative, figuratively and literally anchoring the furniture in the room. Rugs can protect wood floors, keep furniture from slipping, add a splash of color, help divide large spaces, or they can even be used to create a focal point. Here’s how to choose the right rug size to fit your room.

Consider the Furniture

If you’re looking for a large living room or dining room rug, you’ll want to get a rug that can comfortably fit all the furniture in the general area, including all four legs. Especially when decorating a dining room, you’ll want to choose a rug size that accommodates all of the dining chairs, not just when they’re pushed in, but when they’re being used as well. Otherwise, you could run into a situation where a guests’ chair is half on and half off the rug.

If you prefer a smaller living room rug or if you have a rug that isn’t large enough to accommodate all the furniture in the room, you can use a rug that fits only the front legs of the room’s furniture. You can even use a smaller area rug with only the coffee table in the center.

For a bedroom rug, you don’t have to choose a rug that’s big enough to accommodate all the furniture in the room. Instead, use the rug to frame your bed. If you’re looking for a larger bedroom rug, try choosing a rug big enough to accommodate all of the legs of the bed and side tables. If you prefer a smaller bedroom rug, you can place it under the bottom two-thirds of the bed. Either way, you’ll want to make sure the rug is perfectly symmetrical under the bed, with the same amount of rug sticking out on both sides.

Consider the Walls

In addition to considering how your furniture will fit on the rug, you’ll also want to consider how close the rug will be to the walls. In general, interior designers recommend an 8- to 12-inch border between the rug and the walls so the room doesn’t feel overcrowded. Before choosing a rug size, make sure to measure the dimensions of the room, as well as the dimensions of your furniture. That way, you can make an informed decision.

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