How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Feb 1, 2021


Nectar Mattress in Bright Orange Bedroom

We’re often asked: Do you really need to replace your mattress every 8 years? But when it comes down to it, mattress replacement is less about how long you’ve had the mattress and more about the condition of the mattress. In today’s blog, we discuss how often you should replace your mattress. 

How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress? 

It depends. Generally speaking, many sleep experts recommend changing your mattress roughly every 6 to 8 years. That said, when deciding when to replace your mattress, you should focus less on the amount of time you’ve had the mattress and more on the condition of your current mattress and the quality of your sleep.

Signs You Need a New Mattress 

There are several factors that influence mattress longevity, including mattress materials, maintenance and care, sleeper size and weight, and whether or not you share your mattress with children and pets. Keep an eye out for these signs you need a new mattress. 

Your Mattress is Showing Signs of Wear & Tear

Especially if you haven’t been regularly flipping or rotating your mattress, you might find significant signs of wear and tear, even if you’ve only had it for a few years. If, for example, you’re noticing mattress gaps, sagging, or indentations that are interfering with your comfort, it may be time to start shopping for new mattresses. Once you buy a new mattress, make sure to practice proper mattress maintenance

You Aren’t Sleeping Through the Night 

While there are a lot of reasons you might not be sleeping through the night, this loss of sleep could be a sign that you need a new mattress. If you find yourself frequently tossing and turning or waking up with aches and pains, your mattress could be contributing to your sleep problems. 

Your Mattress Has Stains 

While we all know that mattress stains can be unsightly, you may not have known that excessive staining can also foster mold and microbe growth that can cause health issues. If you’re not already, make sure you’re using a mattress protector, which can help prevent stains in the first place. 

You Sleep Better Elsewhere

Because we sleep in our beds almost every night, it can be hard to notice those small changes that happen to your mattress over time. But if you notice that you get a better night’s sleep in a hotel, at your in-law’s house, or even in a recliner, it might be a sign that it’s time to start shopping for a new mattress

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