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Home Interior Design Ideas for Newlyweds

Aug 9, 2019

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Combining homes or creating a new home together can be challenging, even for newlyweds who are madly in love and eager to start their life together. These home interior design ideas for newlyweds can help make the process simpler and more enjoyable.

Define Your Individual Interior Design Styles

Until you understand each of your interior design styles individually, you’ll never be able to find a way to combine them. To get a better feel for your particular style, check out our guides to modern and contemporary furniture, traditional furniture, and transitional furniture. By narrowing down your interests and exploring the different characteristics of each style, you and your partner can better gauge what you like, what you dislike, and how to mix your different styles of furniture together.

Shop Together

Going furniture shopping as a couple can be stressful, especially when your interior design styles aren’t completely in sync. But if you both have strong feelings about home décor, it’s important that you take time to browse online and at furniture stores together, as a unified front. Explore popular interior design trends and see which ones you like. Be clear with each other about how much you want to spend, which items are the most important to you, and which types of items you don’t want in your home. Especially when it’s well made like the pieces at Star Furniture, furniture can last a long time, so you want to make sure both parties are happy with your choices. Remember, both of you have the same goal: to build a home you’re comfortable sharing together.

Consider Compromises

Congratulations on beginning your life together. If you haven’t already mastered this during the wedding planning, it’s time to work on the art of compromise. For home décor, consider which room you each spend the most time in. If one member does the majority of the cooking, for example, consider letting them take the lead when decorating the kitchen. When decorating shared spaces, each party needs to figure out what’s most important to them. Figuring out areas where you’re less likely to budge can help illuminate the decisions you’re happy to let your partner choose.

Looking for more interior design tips? Check out the Star Furniture Interior Design Blog, where we cover a wide range of furniture topics. You can also browse our extensive collection of furniture for every room in the house online or visit a Star Furniture store in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or Bryan, Texas. Start shopping today!