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Home Décor Trends 2020 Spotlight: Maximalist Decor

Mar 3, 2020

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Room Decorated in Maximalist Style

Maximalist décor is one of the hottest home décor trends for 2020. In today’s interior design blog, the experts at Star Furniture discuss what it is and how to incorporate it into your decorating style.

What is Maximalism?

In design, maximalism refers to a loud interior design style that features bold patterns and colors, large art groupings and collections, and eclectic, individualized style.

Maximalist vs. Minimalist Design

Maximalism is a direct reaction to the popular minimalist style that has dominated the past decade. While minimalism favored an understated design, an overall lack of clutter, and a general sparsity, maximalism is all about showcasing your personality in a big and bold way. Maximalism in design favors individuality over restraint, so instead of focusing on uniformity and tight color schemes, you can really show your individual style, which allows you to ditch the pressure for perfection.

Maximalist Style Tips

If you’re looking to design your home in the maximalist style, these interior design tips will help you get started.

Focus on What You Love

Maximalist interiors tell a story about the people who live there, and if you want to take advantage of the maximalist décor trend, you’ll need to draw inspiration from yourself. Maximalism is all about having things on display, so if you have a collection of books, records, movie posters, abstract paintings, pottery, or vintage board games, try to find a way to use these collections as decoration.

Go Bold

Maximalist décor favors bold designs, whether they be unique art groupings, busy patterns, bright colors, or a combination of the three. While you’ll need to find a common thread that pulls everything together, feel free to be as bold as possible so that the interior design style stands out and reflects your own personal style.

Don’t Stray from Symmetry

It can be tempting to ditch symmetry entirely when you’re focused on the eccentric, but symmetry is a great way to keep you from going overboard on your maximalist style. In fact, staying focused on symmetry allows you to layer in lots of different colors, textures, and distinct designs without losing the composition.

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