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Home Décor Trends 2020 Spotlight: Formal Dining Rooms

May 7, 2020

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Wood top table with white chairs

Are formal dining rooms a thing of the past? According to interior design site, Modsy, dining room searches showed a year-over-year growth of 156% for Modsy customers from 2018-2019. In fact, it seems that the formal dining room is making a big comeback.

In 2020, the dining room is a place for friends and family to gather together and celebrate all manner of things, whether it’s a place to eat brunch with a loved one or a space for teaching and homeschooling while schools are closed.

The possibilities are endless, so it’s no wonder that one of this year’s hottest home décor trends is the return of the formal dining room! We know what you’re thinking, “My place doesn’t have room for a lavish dining room!” Don’t worry, the overtly luxurious dining room is not the only dining room. Here’s how to decorate a formal dining room to suit your style and your needs.

Go for the Right Theme

Don’t let the term “formal” throw you off. Your dining room is just that: yours. Before figuring out the size and dimensions of everything you want, first figure out how best to fit the look and feel of your dining room with the rest of your place. Colors, styles, and other factors will allow for your dining area to fit in the design theory of your home, while also commanding its own presence.

You want to think about your dining room as a place in the future for entertaining friends and acquaintances, and for right now, your family. Does the theme you have in your head accommodate both small and medium-sized gatherings? If not, it probably should. You want your formal dining room to be versatile.

A Dining Room Table to Match your Style & Needs

Finding the right dining room table is crucial. After all, the table will likely be the focal point of your formal dining room. Whether you choose a square, rectangle, or circular table, you’ll want to choose one where you can comfortably work and play.

Typically, people look for a table that provides a uniform look and feel, but in 2020, don’t be afraid to mix it up with mix and match chairs, stools, colorful cushions, or even a dining bench!

Now, for the Accents

Now that you’ve found the feel for your 2020 dining room, it’s time to find the right accents and décor to up your style. Popular 2020 home décor trends for inspiration include:

  • A pop of color: Pick an accent wall and give it a dash of something bold like navy blue.
  • High contrast: Striped cushions on your chairs and a checkered pattern on your rug? No big deal, having high contrast design elements makes your formal dining room stand out.
  • Art groupings: What’s nice about art groupings is that they can cover a wide range of styles and artistic impressions. Adding art groupings that match your dining room’s theme will provide the space a lived-in feel.

Interior design trends evolve quickly, but if you take the time to figure out exactly how and what you want your dining room to be, 2020 tosses up some fun and interesting design trends to take your formal dining room to the next level.

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