Extended Warranty

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Star's Extended Warranty Programs

Star's Standard Limited Warranty

Every item Star Furniture sells is warranted against defects in material or workmanship for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. (See exclusions below.) The warranty is only extended to the original purchaser, or to the person to whom original delivery was made. An item under warranty will be repaired or replaced, at Star Furniture's option, without charge (see "Delivery Damage" below). Star Furniture reserves the right to remove a defective item from your home for a reasonable period of time in order to effect necessary repairs in our workshop or by return to the manufacturer. In cases where Star Furniture determines a warranted item is defective and we can neither repair nor replace the item, our obligation will be limited to the return of the item for full credit.

Warranty Exclusions

Upholstery fabrics for wearability or color fastness.

"As Is" items.

Customer abuse or repairs performed by the customer.

Items picked up by the customer from our warehouse or a store.

Items moved from one building to another.

Consequential damage.

Items for commercial use.

Star's Win-Win Warranty Certificate

Starting February 2012, your warranty will bring you more peace of mind than ever, because if you don't use it – you won't lose it! If you do not use your warranty during its five-year life, you are entitled to a store credit in the full amount of the warranty price, to be used on a purchase of double the value of the warranty. We'll need the original certificate with a valid warranty number to verify that no claims were made. Refer to your warranty certificate or a sales consultant for further information.

Additional Manufacturer Warranties

Some manufacturers offer extended warranties on all or certain parts of their products. Claims under these warranties are to be made with the manufacturer. Star Furniture will assist you in this regard upon request.

Mattress Warranty

40 Night Sleep Guarantee

(Minimum 30 days + 10 days to exchange).

If after 30 nights you are not comfortable on your new mattress, Star will give you 10 days to exchange your mattress for another mattress of equal or greater value. If the replacement mattress if of greater value, the customer is responsible for paying the difference. Exchange is a one-time courtesy. Box springs and foundations may not be exchanged. Additionally, the customer will be responsible for a 15% service handling fee, plus normal delivery charges.

Mattress Warranty Exclusions

Soiled or damaged mattresses

Special orders

Mattresses sold or used with inappropriate box springs or foundations

Exchanges that exceed the 40 nights from date of purchase

Box springs or foundations

Floor samples, "as is" and clearance bedding

Mattresses that were not covered with a mattress protector

Standard Limited Warranty for Outlet Purchases

  • Merchandise purchased in an "As Is" or "Final Sale" condition is not warranted.
  • Star has no obligation to service items sold as "As Is."
  • "As Is" or "Final Sale" merchandise that has been damaged in delivery can be refused or reported to customer service within five (5) business days of delivery.
  • Merchandise that is an Outlet "Special Purchase" or current warehouse stock merchandise will be warranted for twelve (12) months from date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship.
  • Claims made on manufacturer's extended warranties on all or certain parts of their merchandise are to be made with the manufacturer. Star Furniture, upon your request, will assist you with these claims.
  • Star reserves the right to remove defective merchandise from your home in order to make repairs in our workshop or by returning it to the manufacturer.
  • Where Star determines warranted merchandise is not repairable or replaceable, our obligation will then be limited to the return of that item for full credit.

Outlet Return Policy

All "As Is" and clearance sales are final.

Delivery Damage

The customer retains the right to refuse or accept an item in damaged condition. A report must be made to Star Furniture's Customer Service Office within five (5) business days of receipt in order to be considered delivery damaged. If the item is small enough to fit in your car, please bring it to the store where it was purchased. For service on larger items, Star Furniture will come to your home subject to our 50 mile delivery and service limit. If you are outside our 50 mile delivery zone, please make your delivery damage claim with the third party that delivered your furniture, not with Star Furniture.