Everything You Need to Know About Innerspring Mattresses

May 9, 2019

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A new mattress can do wonders for your sleeping habits, but with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose. Here at Star Furniture & Mattress, we do everything we can to simplify the process, including the creation of our mattress buying guide, which covers everything from when you should replace your mattress to mattress buying tips to help during the process. If you’re set on an innerspring mattress, you’ll want to keep reading for everything you need to know about innerspring mattresses.

What is an Innerspring Mattress?

When most people think of mattresses, they’re usually conjuring up images of metal spring mattresses, otherwise known as coil or innerspring mattresses. Made with steel innerspring supports, these mattresses are then filled with various foams and fibers to provide surface comfort. Innerspring mattresses tend to provide a great deal of firmness and support, and while many think the coil count is the most important number to consider, the number of coils isn’t necessarily as important as the mattress construction.

Perks of Innerspring Mattresses

Because of their long-term popularity, one of the biggest benefits of innerspring mattresses is the variety of the selection. Not only are there an array of brands to choose from, but there are also countless styles, comfort levels, and mattress topper materials, so you can find the exact right mattress for your sleeping style. Plus, innerspring mattresses are incredibly affordable, making them a great option for anyone who wants to sleep great on a budget.

Choosing the Right Mattress

At Star Furniture & Mattress, we carry six brands of innerspring mattress, including Aireloom, Beautyrest, and Yellow Rose, which is sold exclusively at our stores. When choosing a mattress, the main things you’ll want to consider are size, firmness, motion isolation, mattress durability, temperature neutrality, and what type of foundation is required. Depending on which factors are most important to you, you can choose mattresses with features that match your wishes. If, for example, you tend to run hot while sleeping, you might want to choose a mattress with cooling gels and breathable materials. You should also consider the types of springs, their gauge (thickness), the padding, and the stitching. Remember, heavier-gauge coils tend to provide stiffer suspension, and lighter coils feel springier under your weight, so make sure your preference is considered before buying.

Caring for your Innerspring Mattress

While innerspring mattresses tend to have a five-year lifespan, understanding how to take care of your new mattress can help keep your mattress in the best shape possible so you won’t lose out on a good night’s sleep. We recommend flipping your mattress every two months, which will prevent sagging and focused wear. It’s also important to choose the right mattress protector and foundation for your mattress, to frequently change your bedding, and to vacuum your mattress regularly to help alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms

Choosing the Right Bed Frame

Unlike memory foam mattresses which can be placed directly on slats or a platform bed, innerspring mattresses require a box spring underneath to provide mattress support. Because box springs elevate the bed, innerspring mattresses with box springs create a more traditional bedroom look, with the mattress being higher on the bed.

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