Bedroom Décor Ideas for Spring & Summer

May 3, 2022


Is your bedroom design starting to feel stale? Now is the perfect time to update your look. In today’s blog, the interior design experts at Star Furniture provide some fun bedroom décor ideas that will make your space feel fresh and festive for spring and summer. 

Incorporate Spring & Summer Colors

Trisha Yearwood Wood Bedroom Decor with Yellow Rug

(Pictured Above: Trisha Yearwood Katie Panel Bed)

One of our favorite bedroom décor ideas involves incorporating some fun spring and summer colors. Not only is this an easy way to make your bedroom feel more festive, but depending on how you do it, it doesn’t even have to be that expensive. To get started, decide where there’s room for more color. Whether it's adding in some colorful bedding and throw pillows, choosing colorful accent furniture, hanging colorful wall art, choosing a bright-colored rug, or displaying some flowers and plants, color is an easy and fun way to take your bedroom décor to the next level. From there, decide which colors fit into your color palette. There’s plenty of overlap between spring and summer colors, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something that fits, whether it’s blush pink, marigold, Kelly green, or bright blue, a splash of color will go a long way.

Swap In Some Summery Wall Art

Summer Wall Art with Abstract Flowers

(Pictured Above: First Blush Wall Art)

You don’t have to keep the same wall art all year long. In fact, swapping out your wall art once or twice a year is a great way to keep your space feeling fresh. Looking for something that calls to mind the warmth and vibrancy of spring and summer? Star Furniture’s huge selection of stylish wall art gives you plenty of incredible options. Whether you opt for spring flowers, summer citrus, bikes, or other spring and summer-friendly renderings, keeping your bedroom walls warm weather appropriate will help fill you with that priceless summer energy. Want to go a bit more abstract? We have plenty of wall art that matches abstract art with spring and summer colors, so you can keep your bedroom looking lively and impressionistic. Need help getting started? Here’s Star Furniture’s guide on how to choose the right wall art for your wall.

Get Playful with Patterns

Wood Trisha Yearwood Sleigh Bed with Floral Rug

(Pictured Above: Trisha Yearwood Dottie Upholstered Sleigh Bed)

Fun patterns can go a long way toward making your bedroom feel lively and cheerful. Whether you opt for floral prints, stripes, or something a bit more geometric, don’t be afraid to get playful with patterns. You also don’t have to stop at textiles and upholstery. While bedding, accent chairs, and bedroom benches are a great place to display stylish patterns, plenty of accent chests, dresser sets, and beds come with cool carvings and ornamentation that can make your room feel more whimsical. You can even try decorating with patterned vases, plant pots, wall art, and lamps. Want to mix patterns? Be sure to use similar colors, incorporate different sizes, provide contrast, and blend simple and complex patterns together. This will keep your space from feeling too busy and hectic.

Choose Breathable Sheets

Breathable Sheets for Summer

(Pictured Above: Bedgear Dri-Tec Lite Performance Sheet Set)

Once spring hits, Texas weather starts heating up, which means it may be time to switch out your sheets for something a bit more breathable. While flannel sheets are great for the cooler months, once spring hits, you may want to choose performance sheets with moisture wicking technology, light and airy linen sheets, or bamboo sheets with temperature regulating capabilities. Want to brighten up your space? Choose whites or other bright colors for your sheets. Neutrals can also work great because they’ll go well with a wide range of bedding styles. Whatever you choose, make sure that you’re prioritizing staying cool during those hot Texas summers.

Lean Toward Lightweight Bedding

Grey Bedroom Furniture | Bedroom Decor Ideas

(Pictured Above: Boho Chic Bedroom Set)

In addition to choosing breathable, temperature-regulating sheets, you may want to swap out your heavy blankets for more lightweight bedding. While you’ll want to make sure the material makes sense for summer weather, bedding is also a great place to display some spring and summer cheer. Not sure how to get started? Try some spring and summer colors. Look for bright solids and colorful stripes. Want to display some summer patterns? Look for patterns that feature citrus fruits, flowers, or other wildlife. While color, patterns, and breathability are all important, you’ll also want to consider texture. While fluffy, chunky blankets create a warm cozy feeling during the winter months, you’ll likely want something a bit more smooth or lightweight for spring and summer. Once you’ve chosen your summer bedding, don’t forget to read our blog where we explain how to make your bed like a designer.

Update Your Throw Pillows

Modern Bedroom Set | Bedroom Decor Ideas

(Pictured Above: Oxford Bedroom Set)

Looking for some inexpensive bedroom décor ideas for spring and summer? Try updating your throw pillows. While throw pillows themselves tend to be less expensive than other types of home décor, you can also purchase seasonal pillow covers that allow you to swap out the look without having to swap out the actual pillow. In addition to taking advantage of spring and summer colors and patterns, you can also play with pillow shapes and materials. A round, yellow throw pillow, for example, can call to mind summer sunshine. You might also consider linen throw pillows during the warmer months, as they tend to put off a light, breezy summer vibe. Whatever you choose, updating your throw pillows a few times per year can keep your bedroom looking fresh and fun all year long.

Weave in Some White Furniture

Miranda Kerr White Bedroom Set with Blush Chairs

(Pictured Above: Miranda Kerr Bedroom Set)

Want to create a crisp, clean look? One of our favorite bedroom décor ideas involves weaving in some white furniture. Why white? White furniture is chic and sophisticated, and it works well with every interior design style. It also reflects light, which can make even the smallest bedroom look larger. Plus, it goes well with a wide range of colors and patterns, so it won’t clash with any festive bedding or wall art in the room. The best part? White furniture can contribute to a feeling of calm and tranquility, which is perfect for the place you go to rest. Need some help getting started? Try looking at white headboards, nightstands, dressers, and bedroom benches. You could even try incorporating a white accent chair into your bedroom design. Whatever you choose, white furniture isn’t just for the spring and summer months, so you’ll be all set for years to come.

Create a Summer Accent Wall

Bedroom Furniture with Gallery Wall

(Pictured Above: Chatelet Bedroom Set)

Accent walls can help you showcase your distinct personality and style while also serving as a great focal point for your bedroom. They’re also a great place to incorporate spring and summer bedroom décor. To get started, you’ll need to choose a wall to be your accent wall. For bedrooms, many people end up using the wall behind their bed. From there, you’ll need to find a way to differentiate it from your other walls. This could be anything from painting the wall a different color to designing a gallery wall or hanging a large wall textile. If, for example, you hang a large textile on your accent wall, you can easily swap in something summery for the warmer months and something cozier for winter months.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Decorative Round Bedroom Mirror

(Pictured Above: Aella Wall Mirror)

Because of the position of the sun, spring and summer doesn’t just bring warmer weather, it brings longer days. One of our favorite bedroom décor ideas involves taking advantage of all that extra daylight. While you may want to close your blinds at night so you don’t wake up with the sun, during the day, you can make your room feel more cheerful by taking advantage of natural light. While keeping your windows, blinds, and curtains open will help, you can also try arranging decorative mirrors across from your windows so that they’ll reflect the natural light into the room. White walls and furniture can also help reflect more light into your space. The best part? UV light can help kill dust mites, mold, and bacteria to help keep you and your bedroom protected from allergens and certain types of germs.

Add Flowers, Plants & Other Greenery

Modern Bedroom with Fuzzy Blanket

(Pictured Above: Zane Bedroom Set)

Looking for some bedroom décor ideas that could help you feel happier and healthier. Try incorporating biophilic design into your bedroom with plenty of flowers, plants, and other greenery. In biophilic design, human design and natural elements are combined into a look reminiscent of the natural world. And since spending time in nature is good for your mental health, it stands to reason that biophilic home décor can provide similar benefits. To get started, choose some spring and summer plants and flowers to decorate your bedroom. For bonus points, choose vases and plant pots that are either made of natural materials or that showcase natural patterns like honeycombs and waves. Don’t have a green thumb? You can get many of the same benefits if you use fake plants and flowers, and it will save you the hassle of having to make sure your plants get enough sun and water.

Play with Natural Materials

Forged Iron Bedroom Set

(Pictured Above: Santa Cruz Bedroom Set)

Not only are natural materials one of the hottest furniture trends of 2022, but they’re also an essential part of biophilic design. Incorporating natural materials into your bedroom is a great way to freshen things up for spring and summer. Not sure how to get started? Star Furniture’s guide to natural materials can help. Whether it’s a reclaimed iron bed, a marble top nightstand, wood dressers, a leather upholstered bed, or wicker baskets, featuring natural materials in your bedroom décor has plenty of unexpected benefits. Not only do natural materials tend to be more sustainable, more durable, and more unique than the equivalent human-made materials, but like plants and flowers, incorporating natural materials into your décor can help with your mental and emotional health.

Transform Your Space with Textiles

Dark Bedroom Set with Animal Skin Rug

(Pictured Above: Plank Road Bedroom Set)

From upholstered headboards and luxury bedding to rugs and window treatments, there are plenty of opportunities to transform your space with textiles. In fact, in addition to these more traditional textiles, you can also get creative by draping blankets over bedroom benches and hanging wall textiles in place of framed art. When it comes to adding in some textiles for spring and summer, you’ll want to pay special attention to color, pattern, and texture. Bright spring and summer colors, for example, can help your space feel more festive, while light, breezy textures will make your space look and feel great during summer months.

Now that you’ve been inspired by these creative bedroom décor ideas, it’s time to start shopping. Visit a Star Furniture store near you or browse through our huge selection of online inventory, including bedroom furniture, home décor, and mattresses. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog, where we cover everything from bedroom essentials to guest room ideas that will wow your visitors.