Beat the Texas Heat with These Cooling Mattresses & Accessories

Aug 12, 2021


Woman Laying on Cooling Pillow

Texas summers can be brutal. In addition to high temperatures, Houstonians also deal with high humidity, which just makes it feel even hotter. In today’s blog, we discuss how to beat the summer heat with these cooling mattresses and accessories.

Tempur-Luxe Breeze Cooling Mattress

Cooling mattress Layers

Some people find that memory foam mattresses run hot, which is why Tempur-Pedic has worked so hard to develop a cooling mattress that combines a zip-off, cool-to-touch cover, a layer of heat absorption material, a layer of material redesigned for maximum airflow, and an all-new, ultra-breathable pressure-relieving material. All together, these temperature-regulating layers make it so you won’t regret your memory foam mattress, even in the midst of the Texas summer heat.

Bedgear Hyper-Cotton Quick Dry Performance Sheet Set

cooling bed sheets

Looking for the best temperature regulating sheets to help keep you cool this summer? Look no further than these hyper-cotton performance sheet sets from Bedgear, which utilize a dry, breathable fabric that provides fast evaporation and continuous air circulation. In addition to keeping you cool; these sheets are bacteria and allergen resistant for added protection. Plus, the high-stretch Powerband ensures a secure fit and grip on all mattresses, including mattresses that are being used on adjustable bases.

Aireloom Cirrus Pillow

Women Sleeping on Cooling Pillow

The Aireloom brand has been manufacturing handmade mattresses since 1940, and this cooling pillow features the same natural materials and handmade qualities consumers have grown to love. Its temperature-regulating fabric and ventilated core work together to keep you cool through the long, hot Texas summers. Plus, the inside of the pillow is filled with a durable latex that protects your head and neck while still maintaining its shape for a relaxing and restful night’s sleep.

Bedgear Performance Mattress Protector

Bedgear Cooling Mattress Protector

The right mattress protector can make all the difference when it comes to keeping yourself cool while you sleep. This cooling mattress protector from Bedgear is cool-to-the touch, moisture-wicking, and features heat-deflecting technology that absorbs excess heat from the body and shifts it away for your comfort. In fact, it wicks away moisture 2.5 times faster than the previous model. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you’ll be protected against spills. Ready to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer this summer? Check out our huge selection of mattresses, pillows, mattress protectors, and sheets. In the meantime, check out our home inspiration blog, where we discuss everything from why you should buy your next mattress from a Tempur-Pedic elite retailer to how Star Furniture revolutionized the mattress buying experience.