8 Entryway Décor Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Jun 10, 2022

Interior Design

entryway blush pink storage bench

Don’t underestimate your entryway. Not only is it the first thing your guests will see when they visit, but it also sets the tone for your entire home. In today’s blog, the interior design experts at Star Furniture discuss 8 entryway décor ideas to wow your guests!

Prioritize Function Over Form

If you’re looking to create an entryway that wows your guests, it’s easy to get sidetracked by style. While style is important and shouldn’t be sacrificed, you’ll be better off in the long run if you start by considering the function you want your entryway to serve. If you have kids, for example, you may want your entryway to serve as a mudroom where you can keep shoes, jackets, backpacks, and other accessories stored for easy access. Start by thinking of the purpose you want the entryway to serve, and then start looking for furniture and décor that fill that purpose. With so many entryway furniture and décor options, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find something stylish that meets your needs.

Find What Fits

Entryways come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You might be dealing with a small, awkwardly shaped entryway or a large, open entryway. Regardless of your entryway layout, you should be carefully choosing furniture and entryway décor that fits your space, both in terms of size and style. Be sure to measure before you make any furniture decisions and go out of your way to look for what fits. A large console table and oversized storage bench may work for a large entryway, while a smaller entryway may require looking through a big selection of smaller benches to find what fits.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Utilizing vertical space can work wonders in both small and large entryways. That’s why it’s one of our favorite entryway décor ideas. In large entryways with a tall ceiling, making use of vertical space can make the room feel more proportional and visually interesting. If you’re working with a small entryway, there’s often untapped vertical space that can help you fit all of the décor and storage furniture you need to make your entryway look the way you want. Whether you go with a tall, skinny accent cabinet, hanging shelves, or a gallery wall, utilizing the vertical space in your entryway can help take your entryway décor to the next level.

Dress Up Your Floors

Don’t have much space to decorate your entryway? An area rug or runner can go a long way toward making your space look more stylish. Plus, it’s a great way to set the tone for the color palette you’ve used throughout your home. Rugs can also help ground the space, protect high-traffic floors, reduce noise and echoes, brighten up the room, and make your entryway feel warmer and more welcoming.

Bring in a Bench

Looking for entryway décor ideas that won’t break the bank? Benches can go a long way toward making your entryway feel elegant and homey. Whether you opt for wrought iron, solid wood, or upholstered benches, they provide convenient seating to make it easier for you and your guests to put on and take off their shoes, and they can be a stylish addition to your entryway décor. There are even storage benches that can provide some sneaky storage space to help keep you and your family organized. The best part? You can find benches in a wide range of sizes and styles that will fit perfectly in your entryway.

Make it Bright

Lighting is one area that people tend to overlook. But your entryway is where you make your first impression, so it’s important to pay attention to the details. To start, consider how much natural lighting you have in the room. If you’d like to amplify the natural lighting, try hanging a mirror opposite the door or windows. Then, layer in some different lighting types, including ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. While you want the style of your entryway to match the rest of your house, don’t be afraid of bold accent lamps, which can immediately draw the eye and give a great first impression.

Swap Things Out Seasonally

Is your entryway starting to feel stale? That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to completely redo it. In fact, because of its size and nature, the entryway is a great candidate for seasonal decorations. Want to keep things simple? Try keeping your entryway stocked with seasonal plants and flowers. This little touch can go a long way toward making your entryway feel fresh and curated. Looking to put in a bit more effort? Try updating the wall décor, rug, and any other textiles to match the vibe of the current season. That means utilizing seasonal colors, materials, and themes. You might, for example, choose a rug that utilizes winter colors in winter, while hanging a beach landscape during summer.

Get Personal

While your whole home should be an expression of your personality and style, your entryway is a great place for a personal touch. That’s why one of our favorite entryway ideas involves getting as personal as possible with your entryway. Whether it’s a large family photo, a favorite quote, or trinkets from your past travels, the entryway is the perfect place to showcase yourself and your family. Now that you have so many entryway décor ideas to choose from, it’s time to start decorating. Browse our huge selection of home décor, accents, and rugs that can make your entryway shine. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we discuss everything from how to style a bar cart to fun accent cabinets and chests to upgrade your look.