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5 Simple Master Bedroom Ideas For Modern Decor

Dec 12, 2022


Cascade Bed and Nightstands

The master bedroom is not just the place where you lay your head after a busy day’s work. It is a sanctuary where you relax and recharge your batteries, ready to tackle the next day. As such, your master bedroom decor should have a pleasant environment that allows for this relaxing feel.

The good news is you can spruce up this interior without breaking the bank or spending too much time. Below are 5 simple ideas to elevate your master bedroom decor over the weekend.

Make your bed the centerpiece

Try ‘floating’ the bed in the middle of the master bedroom rather than pushing it against a wall. This kind of arrangement draws attention to the bed for a dramatic statement. You can achieve this look with or without a headboard, whatever suits the style of your bedroom. For maximum storage capacity, arrange a chest of drawers against the back of your bed to act as a headboard. 

If you don’t have the budget for a headboard, budget-friendly alternatives such as draping an eye-catching fabric over the wall behind the bed could also do the trick. A patterned wallpaper will also achieve a similar effect.

Add a plush area rug

A stylish rug is a simple but game-changing addition to your modern master bedroom, be it small or large. Aside from its visual appeal, a bedroom rug absorbs sound and protects the floor while offering a soft, warm surface for your feet when you get up in the morning. The rug also demarcates space, providing a sense of organization and cohesion in your bedroom.

Layer up your bedding

Layering your bed is one of the inexpensive ways to elevate your master bedroom and give it a luxurious look. Solid print sheets are most suitable for layering, while the choice between a quilt and a duvet will depend on the season. A duvet is preferable for colder months, while quilts work best for higher temperatures.

Don’t forget to match some aspects of your bedding with the pillows. Finally, add some throw pillows to add to the tactile element of the room. You can play around with different colors, shapes, and sizes to add variety and texture.

Light up the space

Well utilized lighting can set the mood and improve the ambiance of your bedroom. Something as simple as adding a small lamp to your nightstand can add warmth. If you’re looking to make more of a statement, hang a pendant lamp or small chandelier over the bed. If possible, install your lighting fixtures so that they are dimmable. That way, you save on energy and adjust the lights according to time of day.

Clean, Declutter and Organize

Simply being more organized can add to the style and feel of your bedroom. To start out, clear off all surfaces, including your dresser and nightstands. Place all electronics, books, skincare products, etc. into storage and out of sight. For this task, it might help to purchase organizational trays that can be used inside of a dresser drawer. 

Adding storage options to your room can also help to declutter the space. The best part is storage solutions are very easy to DIY! Try installing floating shelves or decorative hooks to take advantage of available wall-space. If you have a large closet, consider taking the day to focus on cleaning out unnecessary clutter. You’d be surprised how much storage space can be opened up from that project alone!

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