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5 Home Furniture Technology Features You’ll Want for Your Home

Mar 19, 2021

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Family On Power Reclining Sectional

When it comes to home furniture technology, we just keep seeing more and more innovation. From USB ports and wireless chargers to massage and heating capabilities, today’s furniture is more technologically advanced than ever. Here are the smart furniture features you’ll want to keep an eye out for when furnishing your home or apartment.

USB Ports & Wireless Chargers

Gone are the days when people had to wrestle their bed away from the wall to plug in their phone charger or stand up to walk over to the nearest outlet everytime they wanted to check their charging tablet. Now, many beds, sofas, recliners, nightstands, desks, and even lamps come equipped with USB ports. In addition to these USB ports, some smart furniture comes with wireless chargers for even more convenience, especially if you have a pet who is tempted by cords.

Power Reclining & Adjustable Headrests

Perhaps the most popular home furniture technology comes in the form of power reclining sofas and recliners. Power reclining creates a gentle and smooth transition from one couch position to the next, with the added benefit of being able to choose exactly what position you want. Many power reclining sofas also come with adjustable headrests, which allow you to adjust the couch for maximum comfort based on your current activity, whether it’s napping, watching television, talking with friends, or reading.

Lighted & Cooling Cup Holders

Because power reclining couches already need to be plugged into electricity, it presents the opportunity for even more technologically advanced furniture features, including lighted and cooling cup holders. Not only do they help keep your beverage cold, but the lighting features enable you to see where your cup goes, preventing spills that might happen when you’ve shut off all the lights to enjoy a movie.

Heat & Massage Capabilities

Some power sofas, recliners, and adjustable base beds feature heat and massage capabilities that can help with back pain. They can also help you relax and fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Many adjustable base beds also come with a few pre-programmed positions that can help alleviate pressure points or prevent snoring.

Wireless Remotes & Smart Home Functionality

Many power reclining sofas and adjustable base beds feature remotes and smart home functionality that allow users to conveniently adjust their furniture from either a wireless remote or from their smartphone, Alexa, or other smart home device. From these devices, they can control everything from power reclining, massage and heat functionality, lighting, etc.

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