5 High Point Market Furniture Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Sep 10, 2021

Design Trend

White Upholstered Bed in Modern Bedroom

High Point Market is one of the largest home furnishings industry trade shows in the world, making it one of the best places to see upcoming furniture trends up close and personal. In today’s blog, we discuss some of the hottest home design trends our furniture buyers saw at market this summer so you can start incorporating them into your look! 

Curved Furniture

A couch with pillows

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(Pictured Above: Cleo Curved Sofa)

After attending High Point Market, it’s clear that shape is going to play a huge role in interior design trends moving forward. In fact, one of our favorite furniture trends involved curved furniture. While straight, clean lines have dominated in the past few years, we’re starting to see more unique, curvy shapes in everything from coffee tables to sofas.

Not only does curved furniture look great, but it can also help soften the room. Especially if you’re working with boxy rooms, curved furniture draws attention away from the hard edges and creates a more intimate, flowy space. In fact, curved furniture works well as a statement piece in your room because it draws your attention and transcends its functional role to become a piece of eye-catching art.

Plush Textures

Modern Upholstered Bed

(Pictured Above: Silhouette Upholstered Bed)

When it comes to texture in interior design, it’s all about mixing and matching different textures to create visual and tactile variety. With the concept of ‘hygge’ gaining popularity in the United States, it’s no surprise that furniture design is capitalizing on all things plush. Whether it’s boucle and wool or velvet and chenille, plush upholstery can make your home feel cozy, stylish, and sophisticated.

If you’re considering capitalizing on this cozy furniture trend, think about how the different textures in your home can work together. Especially if you’re decorating in neutrals, having a mix of different textures can add visual interest to your home. That’s why it’s so important to consider the look AND the feel of the furniture. We recommend trying out large furniture items that look and feel soft and pairing them with some contrasting textures.

Mixed Materials

Purple Accent Chair

(Pictured Above: Kyle Accent Chair)

While we’re all familiar with the idea of mixing materials as an overall interior design principle, we’re starting to see more and more individual furniture pieces making use of this trend. Whether it’s a stylish wood frame on an upholstered accent chair, a two-tone sideboard cabinet, or a stunning wood table designed on a metal base, mixed materials can create a unique and fashionable juxtaposition.

Within the mixed materials furniture trend, there seems to be an increase in the use of natural materials, including everything from wood, metals, leather, rattan, and wicker. When choosing furniture that utilizes mixed materials, you’ll want to consider the different materials, their textures, their feel, and how they work together. That way, you can create fun juxtapositions without making the room feel off-balance.

Blush & Citrus Tones

Modern Bedroom with Blush Furniture

(Pictured Above: Miranda Kerr Love. Joy. Bliss Pouf)

When it comes to home color trends, blush and citrus tones seem to be making a huge splash in the furniture world. Whether its eye-catching accent chairs, upholstered headboards, or colorful artwork, choosing blush and citrus tones for your home can create a bold and stylish look for every room in the house. They can even pair well with neutrals for a fun pop of color in an otherwise muted room.

If you’re thinking about using blush or citrus tones for accent pieces within a room, try going bold with a fun pattern that incorporates these vibrant colors. We especially love the combination of blush upholstery with gold framing, so you can take advantage of the mixed materials trend and this home color trend with one fashionable piece of furniture.

Mod Art & Lighting

Mod Art with Black & Yellow Textured Stripes

(Pictured Above: Invariable I Wall Art)

Another fun interior design trend involves modern design in wall art and lighting accessories. When it comes to mod artwork, you can expect to see abstract shapes and forms, minimalist color schemes, and technique experimentation. Think big brush strokes, repeating shapes, and limited color palettes with bold juxtapositions. Mod artwork mixes the playful with the sophisticated, which can help create a space that looks fun but meticulously designed.

These same characteristics can be seen in lighting accessories. Not only do many modern lamps play with shape and form, they also tend to integrate some of the other furniture trends we’ve seen above. You might find, for example, lamps that mix natural materials like marble and metal and lamps that feature elements of minimalism in a modern way. Ready to start shopping the latest furniture trends? Visit a Star Furniture store near you. In the meantime, check out our home inspiration blog where we cover everything from 12 simple ways to refresh your home to how to coordinate furniture.