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4 Minimalist Decorating Ideas to Try in 2020 & Beyond

Nov 15, 2020

Interior Design

Minimalist Living Room

We’ve all heard the phrase “less is more.” While this concept is used in everything from makeup to architecture, minimalist furniture and décor remains one of the hottest home décor trends of the past few years. In today’s blog, our interior design experts discuss 4 minimalist decorating ideas you can try today!

Minimalist Decorating Idea #1: Take Advantage of Storage Furniture

Minimalism is all about clean lines, understated design, and a lack of clutter, which makes utilizing storage furniture one of our favorite minimalist decorating ideas. Not only does storage furniture allow you to store items that would otherwise be out in the open, but because it serves multiple functions, it can prevent you from having to overload your home with too many pieces of furniture, which can detract from the minimalist design.

Minimalist Decorating Idea #2: Think Geometric

Looking for minimalist living room ideas? While busy patterns aren’t a great fit for minimalist design, geometric furniture and patterns can add visual interest to the room without creating a look that’s too busy. In addition to featuring the clean, sleek lines that are a staple of minimalism, geometric furniture also adds texture to the room, creating an extra splash of style.

Minimalist Decorating Idea #3: Embrace Biophilic Design

One of our favorite minimalist decorating ideas is incorporating the natural world into your décor through biophilic design. Biophilic design prioritizes a connection with nature through plants and vegetation, natural materials, natural light, and nature views. Whether you choose a floral patterned accent chair, hang nature prints, or add some beautiful house plants to your shelves, embracing biophilic design blends especially well with minimalist décor.

Minimalist Decorating Idea #4: Make Things Pop with Accent Furniture

While accent furniture is always important, it takes on a special importance when dealing with minimalist design. Minimalism often means muted colors, clean lines, and an overall lack of clutter, which is why many minimalist rooms need a splash of color, pattern, or texture to add visual interest and make the room pop. When choosing accent furniture, you’ll want to be on the lookout bold colors, fun patterns, varied textures, and anything that draws the eye.

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